New grower would like tips

I would highly reccomend not buying that dinky setup on the link you posted , your gonna have to spend at least $300-$500 to get a half decent hydro setup . It’s one of those things were if your gonna do it you should really do it the right way or you’ll be forced to continously spend more money here and there as the plants grow out of the seedling stage. Like I always say do it right the first time , or do it twice . And you’ll end up spending way more money trying to bail yourself out of the dinky setup . I would start with just getting some 5 gal buckets from lowes or something then just but the net pots to go into them , get some air stones and a pump, some clay pebbles . Then decide on lighting for whatever amount of plants your trying to grow. Keep in mind if your in a tent you will also need equipment to control the environment ((de)humidifier, exhaust fan, circulation fans etc.) But hope you end up finding a solution. Also welcome to the community, theres lots of people here that will help you get on track . Good luck!

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@Lacewing hey you can check out the auto grow i’m doing in supersoil

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@jdog10200 you can check out my auto grow in supersoil im doing.

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And I also agree with what some had said above, you should really consider growing in soil for your first grow , jumping straight into hydro will definitely be a lot more difficult to grasp onto as a new grower and more of an initial cost to set up


I’d start with photoperiods . White widow is an easy one to grow . Some of them are finicky. Buy the best light you can afford . I’ve done hydro and soil. To me soil is easier but probably all personal opinion. If you can swing it led is the way to go . Less power consumption, less heat, and more bang for your buck .

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Don’t do it. Too small, only meant for germinating.

As far as jumping straight into growing, I can say first hand, probably don’t go straight for autos AND hydro. Like if you’re dead set on autos, go for it but do it in soil. If you’re dead set on hydro, go for it but do it with a photo strain.

I went straight into it with a mix of autos and photos. I have one soil plant and four hydros. Cleaning the reservoirs is a weekly task, and I have 3 very little plants attempting to flower on me right now. I suspect strongly that I’m going to have an amazing yield from my soil photoperiod plant and pretty much nothing from the autos. I may be surprised, but I doubt it if other peoples’ experiences are anything to go off of.

Set yourself a budget. Make the biggest $ for your lights. Next up will be your PPM and PH meters (please get something good like a BlueLab or Apera meter from the onset, skip the cheap $20 ones from Amazon). Then your nutrient lineups. Make sure whatever you get is compatible with the medium you choose (I.e. organic liquid nutrients suck nuts to clean out of hydro reservoirs but are wonderful in soil). Then you’ll wanna worry about the tent if growing indoors. Tent means tent, fans, humidifiers or dehumidifiers, vents, ducting, carbon filters, etc.

Trust me, a coherent shopping list and estimated budget is going to make picking up all the pieces much easier than scrambling to get what you need when you need it.

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They market autos as easy to grow for beginners. That’s how I started, autos arnt that hard but they can definitely be a bit of a challenge. Once again, focus your money on a good light