New grower would like tips

hi im a first time grower i have done some research on some methods and how to start growing but would still like some advise and tips from experienced growers. i would like to try hydroponics and have heard good things about auto flower plants for beginners. if possible for someone to help me go though step by step how to grow and how much nutrients and what nutrients and other needed things it would be greatly appreciated

So as of now what do you have to work with? Lights,tent,indoors or out… toss up some details and there will be plenty of good folk to help you along…also I recommend using the search feature to look up hellraiser, the guy is awesome and explains everything in easy to understand fashion

at the moment I don’t have anything found a hydro system on amazon im lookin at and probably going to buy a complete grow set for beginners 20 White Widow Auto flowering feminized seeds, Marijuana Fertilizer Set for 5-10 plants, and Plant Protector for 20 plants from ilgm, and the hydro system is a iDOO Hydroponic Growing System, 12Pods Indoor Herb Garden with Grow Light, Germination Kit with Air System, Automatic Timer, Height Adjustable

I’m not a hydro grower but the most important thing in any grow is the light…don’t cheap out on the light. The whole idea is to not spend money on junk that you will have to respond it on. Buy it once… post up a link of what your looking at and a general budget would be helpful

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Autos really should be grown under an experienced grower. Autos are temperamental. They do what they want, when they want. Any problems arise, you don’t have much leeway to correct it.

I recommend you grow Photoperiods. You can control it all from start to finish. :+1::+1::+1:

3 Likes this is the hydro system i was looking at and i don’t really have a budget I have to save up money just looking to talk with people and see what is should try and get if its better

could you give me more detail and information on the how to grow the photoperiods like light cycles and nutrient schedules

Please don’t waste any money untill these guys get ya setup. I can’t help. My system is absolete and the rest I diy.
Welcome to a great community, if ya hang out awhile you’ll have some great help😍


thank you and i didnt plan on buying anything just yet gotta save up for it anyway might as well get help deciding what to get and to do everything

While your saving give these a read…

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ive read a couple of them already thats how i found this forum i was looking for seeds and found ilgm


You found right!


@jdog10200 Here is how a soil grow goes. I can’t do hydro.

Place seeds in water for 18 to 24 hours.

Transfer seeds to either damp toilet paper or paper towel. Place in a ziplock bag for 24 to 48 hours. Depending on how big the tap root is.

I then place straight into their forever home. So I don’t to transfer the seeds several times. I put a dome over where the seeds are planted. You have to spray twice a day. Then removed domes once leaves are touching the sides.

You start out at 18/6 aka 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness.

Veg for say 4 to 8 weeks. I don’t Veg. This is when the plant starts packing on size.

A Sativa dominant will grow big and tall. An Indica dominant tends to be short and stout.

Now its time to flip. This means switching from 18/6 to 12/12.

Once you flip to 12/12, this causes the plant to produce flowers.

Add nutrients per the schedule of what line you use. I recommend Jack’s 321 as its the same amount from start to finish.

Personally I am a Fox Farm fan. Its more complex till you learn how to read the chart. Nit hard…just time consuming.

Now you are entering near the end. The white pistils will turn a Amber to dark brown color. They will suck into the flower.

Get a Jeweler Loupe so you can look at the flowers. A 30x and 60x on Amazon it less than $15.

This is the tricky part. You need to learn where you want the high to be and chop. What I mean is the trichomes will go from Clear to Amber. More Amber means a different high than say one that is mainly cloudy.

You have to dry the plant. Once dry, I put them in Mason jars. The bud will be ready in a few weeks.

PS…you do need fans, growing lights and what not.

The end.


Lol “the end”


I think if you are going to buy seeds …do some research among the grow journals of those forum members
Like be sure they used ILGM seed
And find out which strain has the most stable genetics …that is also mold resistant

I’m an outdoor newbie myself
But I think it’s smart to make it easiest on yourself the first grow so you can pay attention to what a healthy plant does …how it grows …how you can manipulate it …

Otherwise you could get lost in nutrients issues /pest problems etc…

Also growing in any form is a lot of DOWN TIME …
You will quickly find out what’s it’s like to literally watch plants grow


I think I covered most of it. :hugs::hugs::hugs:


The advice about autos is truthfully great advice …
If I get autos my first time I’d be watching everyone else’s grows instead of mine

I ran into only a few pest problems and one nitro deficiency and those almost killed my photos

You need time to learn the plant before you grow one in 60-90 days only


I just checked out you link, please do not buy that light. It will only grow weak pathetic plants that will break your heart…IMO your going to need to spend around $500 to have an ok setup. There may be some diy guys here to help with that and bring cost down.


@dbrn32 is the Light Expert. He could definitely help with a DIY light project.


Hello, I think you have some great information here. Imo, autos are good for beginner type of growing spaces, but not necessarily beginner growers. Sometimes they don’t behave exactly as advertised and can be a little difficult. Where as if you have photo plants, you can veg a little longer to work out issues if need be.

You will be disappointed with one of those table top hydroponic units too. The roots will displace most of volume for nutrient solution and you will end up pulling your hair out trying to maintain proper ph and ppm. I would say use the search bar to find grow journals of those using hydroponic systems, then read through them to get an idea of what others are successful with. May be something you decide to hold off on and start growing in pots instead, then maybe work up to a hydro system.