New grower dont know if its ready

Dont know if its ready to harvest16003849238976219164333817209768

Do you have a loupe? Would like to see a close up pic. What is the breed? How old?

From what I can see when I blow up the picture there’s too many white pistils it’s not ready if you could next time please try and get a closer up picture so we can see the pistols but no it’s not ready

When in doubt, grow it longer!


@Traw holy crap thats a huge plant, any beginners dream lol

Forsure bro I just through some seeds outside and this started growing fyi I got the seeds from a sack lol

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No I dont have a loupe and idk what breed boss I just through some out of a sack I got lol

Cool I will do that thanks so much

For sure bro will do

Any idea of how to start a new forum? Would be much appreciated. Im tryna gain lvls of trust but idk what more to do to unlock it so i can ask about other aussie reviews from purple haze gold leaf and super silver haze fem outdoor

Reading other posts, visiting every day and liking other people stuff until you’re out of likes gives you more levels of trust. @Newgrower2460


Yeah like I just liked this, and I read it, so obviously yall trust me more for it.


For the record I’ve always trusted you because of your thick Canadian accent. Lol. Love it.

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Oh ok? That noticeable eh?

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No worries, I almost speak Canadian, being from MI. Lol