New grow in mind and yes my first grow


Hello everyone, so I’ve been reading lots over the years and collecting items I need for my grow!
I’ve been sitting on a whole bunch of gear to get going including ww feminized seeds from Nirvana site, I ordered these like 6 or 7 years ago but habe kept them carefully stored .
First question is, will my seeds be good still or do they go bad ?
2nd, I have 4 400 watt metal halide lamps with huge aluminum reflectors that I can connect or leave off and they are adjustable as well.
I also have 4 400 watt hps lamps and bulbs.
Still need a few things like 6 inch fans, dehumidifier and everything to make my own custom grow box using 2 huge sofa sleeper boxes I will put together to make one big grow room 12’x12’ boxes stand 7 feet tall.
Anyways my plan is to clone and clone until I have 30 healthy plants and will be growing them stadium seating style like northern farmer did but on a smaller scale.
Plan on having 6 shelves with 5 plants per and was thinking of using 3 400 watt m/h and 3 400 watt hps lamps.
This enough or too much lights ?
I want to grow them 3-4 feet and make them also bush out which is why I would only have 5 per shelf, so they all have plenty of space.
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated …thanks in advance!


You would typically run a 400 per 3x3 space, so you’ll be a little low on light intensity. But probably have enough of them to get coverage so just giving up bud density.

Also make sure you build space light tight.


Seeds can go bad, but as long as they’ve been kept dry, they’ll probably be okay. Check this out:

@dbrn32 is the resident lighting go-to guy around here, he’s got you covered there!

I’m not sure I’m understanding the shelves. If it were me, and I had that equipment, I’d split it into veg and flower spaces, and set up a perpetual grow. Especially since it’s your first grow, and you have feminized seeds, I’d start with one or two plants only, to get your feet wet and understand what they want and when. Then, you can add on plants, staggered a few weeks apart, and harvest a plant or two every few weeks. You’d be rolling in it in no time, and I feel that’d be the most effective use of the lighting you have. Ventilation is easy peasy once you have the space laid out, but the lighting is critical to get good results.


seeds go bad, it is a tiny life form inside and can only survive so long,
if any germinate they will probably be runts and slow growing.

400w HID needs 50-60 watts per square feet (wpsf)
400w / 40-50 wpsf = 8-10 sq ft (~3x3)

i agree with elheffe,
use the MH for veg and HPS for flower.!!
i also suggest starting with one MH,
then add one HPS in the flower room when needed,
get a feeling for plant growth THEN dive into 2400-3200 watts of lighting.!