New grow for the year. Plants wilting, any help appreciated

Two new seedlings. Have been doing well until 2 night ago when I possibly over watered. Since then they’re first pairs of leaves have begun drooping. I let them dry for a day and a half before watering again and gave them less than half of what I gave when I overwatered. I have been giving nutes but only 1-2 tbsp per 3 cups (I’m following a feeding chart that uses gallons and I scaled it down following the ratios).

As of today I’m keeping it in the shade, I made holes in the pot to allow airflow and better drainage, and I’m watering with only a few tablespoons of tap water every other day.

If anyone sees something I don’t or has advice I’d love to hear your input.

If you overwatered waiting only a day and a half to dry out is not long enough IMO How heavy is the pot? should feel very light before the plant needs water don’t look at the color of the top try and judge by weight.
What type of soil and mulch is on top?

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Damping off and likely too high a salt level (nutes)


Seedlings are best kept in a dome under 24/0 light schedule, the only water they see is distilled water misted on the inside of dome twice a day. Until established, the plant collects most of it’s water from the air through the leaves: thus a dome.

Tap water is a BAD idea: chlorine is damaging to the plant. Plant needs around a teaspoon per day: you are watering many times more than seedling can handle.

What soil? What light? What PH? What are temps?

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Alright so couple things. No temp. No pH measure. No inside lamps just Sun. Just a guy giving it another go with the best he’s got on hand. As far as soil I am posting a picture of the bag. I use it because it doesn’t gets muddy and usually drains pretty well.

Also didn’t use a dome because it never works for me.
As of right now the pot with the biggest plant weighs 2.04 oz and the other is 2.79 oz (weighs more due to slightly more soil).

Thanks for all the help guys. I’m gonna try to stick to a teaspoon a day (or whenever dry) and now that I actually dug out the scale I can monitor when it’s ready for water based on weight. I’ll avoid tap water as well. I’m gonna hold off on nutes until they don’t look like they’re overwatered.

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I think I recognize that soil and it is high in cow manure??? Not sure though.

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If u pick up the cup u will feel if it has moisture in it. Whrn she is dry dry soak the whole cup 1 time til u get runoff then wait it out 2 3 or 4 days til light again then soak it down 1 more time. Try and keep all the water u gove yhe cup to the outside edges of the cup not by the pla t make the roots strtch for the water in the soil. U got this. U made it this far. A lil bit of patience is all ya need. Dont let it freak u put oh im not watering enough. U got this


You’re probably not wrong

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Seems like you might need to get back to basics on this. 1st thing I noticed was that you have no clue of your temps, the ph of the liquids you are feeding, or the light requirements to grow your cultivar. If you go to the guides portion of ILGM all of the information you are currently lacking will be found there. A good 12 hrs of reading should handle most of your knowledge shortcoming. Next I noticed the composition of your soil. Looks to be more wood chips then anything, maybe a good soil, I dunno, seems like maybe not though. Lotsa people use lotsa stuff but, when your new, tried and true should be your thoughts so look to Fox Farm or something that has been used by millions, millions of times over so that there are no surprises, IMO. Something that helped me in the begining was the idea that less is more. In the beginning the plant is so small that a thimble of water might drown it, so mist, not water (less v more). You can give it nutes but less is more so no nutes till there is more plant to feed. Lastly I noticed that you kinda jumped in without having your ducks lined up. You said, just a guy tryin to start with what he has. This in itself is not ideal. You are acknowledging off the top, that you do not have what you need. You can try to cut paper, but if you only have your fingers to cut with, then trying isn’t what you are doing, failing is the goal you would be attempting to achieve if you attempt to cut paper with fingers. Now for the good news: this place is full of all the answers you seek, if you cannot save your sprouts with the help of this forum, you will learn why and have a better chance at success next time. Good luck!

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