New forum updates

Any use a tab!et to come here? What the blue line when you return that says to see updates? You click it and it disappears?

Can’t help here. I use my phone and never seen that.

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I haven’t seen it on my iPad either.

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Thanks for y’alls input. It’s not a big deal, just kinda annoying. WTF does it do🤔

It disappears and then posts the newest threads or thread updates when it disappears.


Where does the new show up? Same area as the blue bar? My blue bar just disappears when clicked.

It essentially adds the latest threads to the ones you can see in the thread listing. Your thread listing should refresh when you click the blue line.

Hmm, I look around for that thread listing. Thanks buddy @MidwestGuy

Understand now, a little slow from time to time. Didn’t realize click it and scroll to the bottom👍

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