Needing to help t to find what soil I use

Needing help to find what soil I use to grow my a beginner and don’t want to mess it up. Something that’s not expensive and easy to use.


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Look into promix bx it fairly inexpensive and works great :+1:
You can get it at most local garden centers and wallmart
You can also order it from amazon
I no longer use the fancy soils fir my grows
I found this medium to be efficient and effective fir my needs just need to water and feed as needed
Happy growing :v:️CB
Im sure there will be other making suggestions as well


Thank you for your response it was very helpful. I couldn’t find promix bx at Wal-Mart and at Amazon it’s expensive any other sugestions?

Hello @Vargas041204
Expensive is relative term…
I am making my soils , but I buy a few amendments by the time Iam ready to plant in it it cost me pretty close like I have to buy already made…
Iam making it just because I like to know what I am putting in it…
I think Happy frog is best bang for your buck, actually at least here its priced pretty close to what it would cost me to make it…

Anyway, welcome here and Happy growing !:wink::wink::wink:

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There is this hole in the wall garden shop a mile away from my house that I never suspected would carry anything useful to me had FoxFarm soil which was a total shock. I asked about promix because that is the next medium I’m going to use and he can easily order some for me. Maybe check around at local garden centers to see if they have any or can order some.


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I use Promix organic seedling and Promix Organic regular. I purchase mine at Wal-Mart and Home Depot. Stay away from soils that have too much nutrients already in them like Miracle Grow.

Happy growing.

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Hey @Vargas041204 I answered you on the other thread about pit sizes
But here you go
Use 5-7 gal pot for photo plants
Use 3-5 gal fir autos which will be feminized
I peeps use
5 gal for photo
3 gal for autos
I found its the most efficient size pots for a indoor grow
Minimum of five gallon pots
I use 15-25 gal myself outdoors
Hope this helps any other questions feel free to tag me
Happy growing :v:️CB
Should have mentioned dint buy the promix on Amazon they rob you there
Stop buy you local garden center most will carry it
Its a commercial garden mix widely used in nurserys
It may be a seasonal item tho i stock up
Got mine for 36$ a busssel which is something like 4-6 cubic feet
Walmart online will definitely carry it and instore in the spring
Its half the cost of the fox farm products
You can use any catus mix as well in a pinch

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Just ordered 3.8 cubic feet promix today from my local shop for 40. Online wanted something like 70.