Need suggestions 1st attempt

Hello growers look at my set up
Germinated 2 November
It’s been 29 days are these ladies suppose to look this way
1st strain TANGIE
2nd strain AK47

l<img src="//" width=“375” height=“500”

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They look like they are getting over watered …



You need more drainage and oxygen to the soil and roots . Those garden pots is not really good for cannabis , I suggest a white are black bucket , smart pot is much better , are if you can drill holes half way up the pot and on an angle it would help drain better and get more oxygen .


Also you should move your lights closer to the plants. Those bulbs can be like 3"-4" away from them. And stop watering for a couple of days. Let that soil dry out some.


More light if you keep using clf then bring them closer and your over watering let it dry out and like yoshi said get smart pots or go to home depot and get the black plastic pots i have like five of them they work great but smart pots are my favorite


Less water and closer light should dial you right in. At this stage if you are adding any more water then spritzing I would keep it to a minimum. Also for sure go with a smart pot(fabric) as soon as you can they are pretty cheap.


Thank you guys

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