Need suggestion on TDS meter, HELP

I need a TDS meter, having said that, which one??? Have a Apera ph20 for Ph. Reading the ads tells me nothing except price. Need recommendation for brand, model etc. Thanks, I’m just growing a couple plants not a pro-grow.

I have an Apera PC-60 5-in-1… I’ll move my PC-60 to backup duty.

If I had money to burn, I’d buy a BlueLabs part… and likely will someday

But I like the Apera… calibrates well and holds it as long as I do my part.

I have the kit case, and put it on the shelf on its side so the meter rests with the bulb submerged in the storage solution.

There’s not much to a TDS meter. Here is a link to the one I use, which gets high ratings and is inexpensive:

Looks reasonable. Good price as well.

I’m beginning to wonder… Is an EC meter simply an ohmmeter set to convert or refer to a lookup table to convert to the EC reading? I know, at least in my meter, the TDS reading is a conversion from the EC reading…

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I’m oldschool, I tried others but found Myron L and the fact it can be calibrated to be indispensable.


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Conductivity would kinda be like the opposite of resistance or impedance. So in a way, I’d say that’s exactly what they do.

I’ve had this about 18 months. It’s been flawless.

@elheffe702 - I went and looked it up a little… essentially it IS an ohmmeter, but with a BUNCH of variable controlled for… probe material, exposure, probe to probe dustance, etc.

Not worth pursuing for me…

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