Need Recommendation on auto watering

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Hi. I’m a newbie. I have a grow going with two plants that are doing well. I know I have to leave town for a few days in a couple of weeks. What kind of watering system wiill work best: drip? I can pay enough to give me something that can be confident about. What do you guys use? Manual system will not work in this siutation. Thank you.

Dirt hydro moor info

Sorry I’m using soil in a 2X4 tent using 5 gallon bags.

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Autopot or ebb/flod is best.

There is some good ideas on you tube for self watering

I just put together an auto feed system . I used

1- aqua active 400 gph submersible pump
6” hydro halo rings
1/2 tubing
1/2 - tees and shut offs

Works great just make sure your pump is lower than the drippers to prevent a siphon.
I’ll tag you in my journal so you can see how I put it together :+1:

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@lchalupa Check out Octopot.

I purchased a 2 pot system by Autopot. I have two questions about how to use it.
First, My two plants are ready to start flowering. Will I be succesful transplanting thies two
plants into AutoPot? Also I am using soil as my substrate. Do I need to put some clay pebbles in each pot for drainage? Any guidance will be appreciated.

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Use allways cleb in bottem and mix in perlite in soil to the Autopot.
And I dont messaround in flower.

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