Need help with nutriens

Hi, i got some nutrien burn for my flowers. They are amnesia haze. I used mostly what was reccomended by producer, used FloraMicro products. Does anyone ever grown amnesia haze with flora products? if so can you give me your reccomended doses for it?
this is what i used:
12h flowering. In 200l container
first week- Floramicro 180ml all the way to week 7. week 8 100ml
first week FloraGro 180ml. secondweek 45ml till 5week. no more after taht
first week FloraBloom 180ml. second and third week 200ml. fourth and five week 220m. from 6 to 8 week 260ml.

Now i know i need much less, does anyone ever grown in floramicro if not amnesia haze maybe some other strain? if so can you give me your recommendations for nutrien doses

A lot of us on here run Lucas formula. Don’t use grow. Say you use 5ml micro per gallon, then you would double bloom

in that case what doses do you usually use for last three weeks?

I use drykoolbloom

Manufacturers feeding schedules are often too optimistic. Most will start at 20% of feeding schedule then increase as plant indicates.

prefertilized soil is famous for burning plants to a crisp. most will mix it with unfertilized soil to dilute the fertilizer.