Need help spotty leaves

I have 4 plants I

started the 12/12 cycle about 3 weeks ago and all has been going great all through the grow until now. most of the leaves have spotting on them. I looked up to diagnose your plants and matching the type of spots it looks like a calcium deficiency? I am attaching pics of the leaves and the whole plant
the PH is 6.5, temp in the room is 75 and humidity is 32
on the site it says you can use a Cal-Mag?
please need any help or suggestions on what i need to

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If you haven’t you should start adding cal mag to your feed. If in soil, just add to water and PH as normal. Look to new growth for improvement: the damage will not repair itself.


thank you, i just went and bought some cal-mag so i will do that this evening
question, it is about time to feed them their regular food which i have been using Happy Frog 3-8-8. it will be ok to give all at the same time right?

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No problem at all.

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Check for spider mites.

i have checked and am not finding any kind of spiders or bugs
the plants seem to be getting worse
i feed them a few days ago and added the cal-mag but they do not seem to be getting any better
PH is between 6.0 -6.5, humidity is 32, temp is 75 growing indoors- they have done great all this time up until about a week ago
please need help, i am just few weeks away from being able to harvest
see picsjpg1 jpg4 jpg2 jpg%20bud

I’m no expert but those leaves still look like a Cal-Mag is still to low.

@PurpNGold74 Hey Purp…what do you think?

how much should i use? the directions said 1 tsp per gallon of water and not to use more than once a week
they will be due to use again Tuesday

This means youre not very sure of ph… im guess ur trying to use strips? Those are notoriously hard to use accurately. Id invest in a decent pH pen. I have the Apera 20 and the thing is a godsend.

If adding calmag didnt slow down the spread, then you may have pH problems. The affected leaves will not get better. But the spread should stop.