My very first grow ever!

Ok I’m going to start this thread a little early. I hope y’all will come along for the ride :grin:. It could be a bumpy one. LoL

I am attaching photos of everything I have bought to hopefully carry me through this first grow. And many more to come.

This is a photo of things that will go in the tent once it is up and running. Also in pic is a net to try my hand at scrogging if I feel brave.
This is a link to the tent I have purchased.
I upgraded the light to a 600 watt. I think it only pulls around 220 from wall. I also bought 5 gallon fabric pots and Fox Farm Ocean Forest medium. Below are nutes and pH/TDS meter.
And then last but not least the beans!

I figured I would see if anyone thought I needed anything else before I take the plunge this weekend!


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Wow, you’ve been paying attention. I think you’ve got everything you need. Good luck with the grow! I’ll be watching.


Same here. Just put those nutes in the cabinets till @raustin tells you you need them. :wink:


Thank you so much. I have tried to take notes as I went. I am so glad you will ride along😉

Will do! I am starting with white widow auto so I won’t need them in the beginning. I won’t push any till I’m told😀

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ill be watching and chiming in with a questions too! im about to start my first grow here soon and have questions myself. so hopefully watching you a long the way will help me !!!


Glad to have you. We can learn and grow together :wink:. There are some great experieced growers I tagged on here. I know I forgot some but hopefully will remember as I go.

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did you go with a auto???

Yes I and starting with White Widow Auto. They say autos are pretty forgiving so for a newbie I thought that would be perfect.

I’ll be watching too. I’m only a week ahead of you on 1 plant but I started another seed today. Most of our stuff is the same as far as gear, soil, and nutes. We can learn this together!


Congratulations very nice the only thing you may still need is a carbon filter if your worried about smell because that they will ! I’m so excited for you I will be watching as well :wink: you got great people around you on the forum you will be Successful :smiley:


Awesome! That’s cool we have most of the same stuff. How is your one doing so far?

sweeeeeeet!!! yeah thats what I was going to say!
even better, ill have a bunch of questions lol

are you gonna go 20-4 or straight 24 to start off with?
ive read both ways work, never really figured out which way was “better”

Thank you so much. Glad you will be here. I did forget to add I do have a carbon filter for it. Don’t want to stink the house up. Lol

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Nice! Looks like you’re geared up and ready to go! I’ll be watching and helping if my knowledge applies.

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Then your set :wink: I’m getting ready to put some gelato and fire OG into solo cups right now they just cracked


Thank you I was hoping so!

Nice. I have been following your latest grow. I’ll be following along.

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