My plant never smelled, help me to cure properly

That first one costs over $700. I am growing one (maybe two) at a time in a 3X2 foot. Seriously, I hope this is the last light i have to buy so I will spend a little, but $700??
Anyone have any suggestions?

Chilled tech x3 mini is like $399 without any coupon codes, and there is typically something available by way of discounts from them. It’s pricey, but definitely not $700. Qb260 kit is about $300 before any discount codes, but you would have to assemble it.

@Ms you can get hps light and ballast for next to nothing and they are still up there when it comes to budget they do creat heat but one or two should be fine and you would get away with one in a 3x2 but let one of the pro people tell you more. love you sis…hows that

Omaha NE?

What the flock are you people talking about? @MrPeat

Why don’t you take this chat out of my topic @The1stTimer @MrPeat

MH and HPS are not a good choice in such a small tent. One they kick out a shyt ton of heat. Like 12-20f temp swing in an area that small. Not only that it’ll pop your light bill up big time. There are definitely better options out there…
I used to use MH & HPS but the electric output is not worth the yield IMO.

My plant is not in a tent, three sides are 8 foot high dry wall painted with reflective paint and a sliding panel. This is inside my place.

I pay a shyt ton in condo fees, electricity is included so I don’t really care about that.

Currently growing autos but buds are loose, plenty more space to grow taller and fuller.

Now that you know my set up, what would you recommend.

BTW, I just killed off two seeds, one I drown and the other grew some leaves then shriveled up and died. WTF?_

If they pay your electric in that size room CMH & CHPS would be a great option you can buy a combo for about $150 … gets too hot crank the AC up & drop a few more fans… I have always been a huge fan of them but I pay my electric and the $90-150 jump had me rethinking once I realized there were better options

Back in 2020 a friend of mine took a gifted seed from @dbrn32 and grew it out in coco: it was the most amazing aroma of any cannabis I’ve ever had. I still have one cola in a Mason jar in the freezer.

When we moved I started another of the same strain/breeder. No terpene profile to speak of. I took clones and modified my grow and grew out 6 more clones: no real terpene profile. I determined for myself that it wasn’t me that was the cause but rather that one plant’s genetics.


Sounds like we may need to do shopping :grinning:


I learned a new word today. For those of you as ignorant as I,





any of a large group of volatile unsaturated hydrocarbons found in the essential oils of plants, especially conifers and citrus trees. They are based on a cyclic molecule having the formula C10H16.

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Terpenes are basically the smells for all intensive purposes when growing reefer.

Sorry so late. Yea sometimes plants are funky. Sometimes they arent. Phenotypes basically. Like @whatbuddyboy said…. Its akin to expecting twins to be identical… better yet bro and sister to be identical.

Other things that can effect taste (besides genetics) imho are:
Ur nutrient lineup (brand, ingredients, salt based vs organics)
Ur environment (temp & humidity)
Ur lighting (DB left a few recommendations, the 260 QB sounds like ur best bet)
When ur harvesting (too early is less potent, too late loses some smell)
Your dry/cure (@oldmarine left a good how to)