My new LST tie down method for veg

So I finally had the time to put my power plant girl in my tent in veg in her big pot this go around which gave me time to keep the LST going further than before. This meant I had to figure out something besides just using the bamboo stakes which I’ve been doing for the past grows that I had gotten really good at doing to spread out my girls. I have a very similar method I just came up with for my 1 gal fabric pot I’ll post a little later if anyone wants that involves sewing the tie wraps around the pots instead of gluing them. So I ended up using heavy duty cable tie wraps or zip ties whichever you call them and I put three of them together to go around the 8 gal pot. Then after trying and failing to glue them on a few times I went to the local hardware place and explained what I was doing and asked for a glue that would put a tie wrap on a plastic pot and never come off. Ended up with a special version of Loctite for bonding hard to fuse plastics which has worked like a charm so far… (I will probably have to touch it up at some point.) The first pic shows the cable tie around the pot.

After that I take smallish yellow string that I’ve tied into circles and put that around the tie wrap for a movableish (I tend to use ish a lot just bear with me) place to put my canna-tie to pull everything down…! From there I can tie down the branches that have gotten to large for the stakes and pull them all the way down. ![DSCF1336|666x499] (upload://tgli9ZJrtLJXeQPIzRLiwg0iG2X.jpeg) Here is what she looks like from above. I’ll upload how she looked about 24 hrs later in a few hrs when I get back. Try to ignore how bad the nitrogen deficiency is if thats even possible… I am trying to address it. Top fed her with some worm castings and she’s ready for a nute feeding but her ph has been slightly off to. She’s been a stubborn one but a fun project getting to do a new tie down method.


Nice! I use something very similar and works perfectly. I cut small holes in the tp of my fabric pot and slide the bamboo through there.

Here she is about 24 hrs after and starting to turn back towards the light.

She’s recovering very well from the extra stretch. About 30 inches across at the widest and 25 inches wide the smaller way. After the stretch the tallest branches are about 9 inches now and she’s only 4-5 inches taller than her sister thats in the tent with her thats nearly 2 months younger. So I might be able to get a screen over the whole tent for a SCROG grow soon (I’ve been working on an adjustable height design for my screen so that I can change it from grow to grow which would be ideal)… could be interesting.

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I have been using that bamboo at all kinds of angles for my LST training in larger pots for years but I’ve always been able to get the tie wraps or cable ties around my smaller plastic pots using glue and then tying my plants down similar to shown in my large pots. I might have pics of my smaller pot set ups saved from back when I was using them more. This was the first grow I switched over to the fabric pots and I plan on trying to switch to them as much as possible so I’ve been trying to figure out how to get my set up onto those. This is what I came up with for my 1 gal pot and my lil girl…

So what you can’t clearly see is that the tie wraps are sewed on pretty tightly in 5 different locations to keep it nice and snug using thread. Next time I’ll probably try to find stronger thread for my fabric pots and for others like this but the thread I’ve used so far is holding up well. Then I can put the yellow ties that I use to attach my Canna-tie anywhere that I want it and move it around slightly if needed… That way I can keep my girls really close to the ground if I want to.


Here is the large girl that was tied down using the new method next to her smaller sister.

By the way the main difference between the two of them with the nitrogen… Worm castings in the soil for the younger girl from the start of the transplant along with a few other amendments on hand but not full soil building yet. Planning on that for next grow but as you can see there is an obvious difference.


What a clever idea. You can always guarantee a weed grower will find a way :rofl::+1::ok_hand:


Love it!! Your screen name should be McGuyver!

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Just a quick update on the smaller of the girls… She’s gotten so big I’ve had to tie multiple branches down to the cable tie system set up on that pot as well

as you can see the LST is starting to pay off with multiple branches coming straight up towards the lights from where the tied branches are… its creating a nice lil jungle I’ve had to really work at leaf tucking to expose all the active growth I’m gunna keep spreading it out for a few more days until I take at least a couple clones and hopefully have an adjustable SCROG net ready sometime within the next 2 wks