My leaves are curling and that are very slow growing, can you help?


A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

"I’m 3 weeks in to my grow and my leaves are curling and that are very slow growing. I have done test plants that have been fine, can you help?

I also have put another two back in water as that seems to grow and one has died I have one left. I haven’t planted yet. I looked at ILGM symptom checker and I think I’ve found the problem. But I don’t have an air flow in my inside incubator so I have now put them in my outside grow room, it has plenty of air flow and all plants are doing well, but they are tomatoes and Vegas as such. I also noticed fungi on the incubator so now cover tops with fine mulch although, I add purlight. I’ve added a small fan too. Does it need to be on timer? Here’s an update too. I have one plant left and it has been growing well up till last night. It looks sad. This morning, I put a light spray of water and fertilizer hoping it picks back up.

  • Strain blue berry
  • Soil in pots
  • P.h 6.8
  • Indoor
  • 4 25 watt CLF bulbs
  • Temp day 24 degrees c
  • Temp night 22 degrees c
  • Humidity n/a
  • Ventilation yes small
  • Humidifier n/a
  • C02 n/a

Change pm last night picking back up"


What soil are you using?


What is your method of watering as well?

I would guess some combination of hot soil and too much moisture. Judging by the soil in the pictures. Good call on the soil @bluntley420.


Looks to me that thay got dry quickly and it’s dehydrated them you water :sweat_drops: often


IMO it’s a mix of nitrogen deficiency, root bound , and heat stress. And that’s just on pics alone. Lights are way to close even for cfl, pots are to small for those size plants, and the yellow leafs a screaming for nitrogen. O and nute burn, as you gave a bit much . Maybe a ph swing are two. And something else I can’t put my finger on yet but will.


After reading I’m going to agree with the hot soil, and that the pots dehydrated fast, and this may be a bigger problem as your having to water more often and they need bigger pots . Root bound is a hell of a problem in mj plants and causes more problems down the line. I’m betting everyone is gonna be right on this one that being @bluntley420 , @Myfriendis410 , @Caosred that commitment already


I’m all about commitment!! @Wishingilivedina420state :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


lol I guess I messed that lol


Please… A seedling at this stage cannot be root bound!

Looks like nutrients were added making the medium too hot and burned up all the plants.

All involved, make siure you do some research before taking someones opinion as fact, unless they are known helpers or on staff here at ILGM. You will grow better for it :slight_smile:


Not all of those look like seedlings


That’s what i was thinking :thought_balloon:


They are all fried. Root bound plants do not ever look like that!!!


This is a follow up regarding his concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

"This is my plant over 6 weeks now, it is blueberry and it is budding but not growing autoflower before. I’m not sure if it is growing OK. Can you tell me?

I am a bit unhappy as only one seed has made it into a plant and I think it has budded way to early. I thought it would help me to grow my own but instead I’m still having to pay for it, this was not my idea. I use it for med reasons and it is very hard to get it here. The temp is 24 degrees, growing in good potting mix with a pH of 6.5. It is budding but very small. Lucky to get half ounce."