My gg aut won't bud there froze at preflower and pistols

Got 4 of my 20 beans in Coco coir one my biggest of them all got to preflower and growed pistols and stoped the rest are budding but she won’t . I’m using voodoo and pirhana and sensi Coco bud a@b and big bud with bud candy still won’t bud been 14 days setting with pistols she’s an auto or she would not have preflower under my 1000 watt LED light 20@4 by being an auto changing my light schedule won’t help. So I’m reaching out for some help or advice on how to get her to flower.

I have grown a bba that wouldn’t go to flower till I went to 12/12. Autos are not 100% predictable. Sometimes they still need help.

It’s only going to get bigger if you wait. Nothing wrong with finishing your others first.

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If I get it to start budding in 12@12 can I switch it back to 20@4 or I got to leave it at 12@12?

Good question. Following.

It took my Fem GSC 3 months before she flowered. Now she is insane.

Talking about auti

My point was this…they will flower whenever they decide it’s time to flower. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Auto or Fem seed.

After they start budding can I switch back to 20@4 there autos because they pistols under my 20@4 schedule

I have never switched back. I know you can’t on photo plants but I’m not sure on autos



Do the first week as seedlings 24/0
then, weeks 2-3 18/6
then, 12/12 till done… they do most of there growing in the dark!
Do the 12/12 till she eats herself up, when we stop feeding her a couple of weeks
before chop, so she’ll be a smooth smoke.