My first pony, my first post: Clones


This is my first ever grow of pot.

Clones: 3 of Apollo 13, 2 of OG Kush and 1 of Black Destroyer
Soil: Organic Composting soil topped by shredded wood
Indoor tent: 5 ft x 5 ft x 7ft high tent
Lights: Kind LED XL750 light 18 hours on and 6 off
Humidifier: set for 50%
One Fan

This is my first ever grow and my first ever attempt to grow anything in a tent.

December 11: I transplanted clones from Dixie cups into 5 gallon buckets using composting soil I made and topped with shredded wood fibre.

I’ve pinched off the tops once since then, I’ve watered no more than 1x a week, sometimes goes 2 weeks, and I’ve given them some nutrients only 3 time.

February 10: Kinda pinched to bend 4 to 6 inches off the tops to give light to leaves under neath.

I have no idea if I its a good or bad idea to try growing 3 strains first…
I don’t know when to switch the lights for each strain to the “flowering” phase
What do you put in your grow journals now
AND if you can remember, what was more important when you were a newbie to remember to avoid
and what else should i be putting in my journal?
They seem to be fine on their own - am I missing something?
Am I overthinking this?

I got LED full spectrum because it just seems to make sense to me and these plants are growing quite well.

I’m trying to absorb and some of what I read just doesn’t make enough sense to me yet. Quickly finding out that I may need a bigger tent …

Any helpful hints are appreciated.

With gratitude …


Welcome to the forum!

You have bitten off quite a bit!

Here’s a few “watch out for’s”: be careful when watering and avoid leaving them in wet soil. A wet to dry cycle is helpful to promote root growth.

If you have good soil nutrients are unnecessary. You soil should contain everything the plant needs at least into flower.

I would strongly suggest (if you haven’t already) a decent PH and TDS meter. I like the Apera PH20 as do many others. Use to PH your water going in and check the PH of your runoff going out. Both valuable information.

What is the “at the plug” wattage of your light? I would not be surprised if you are going to need a LOT more light; especially in flower.

Avoid removing leaves if at all possible. Tucking is preferable. I would suggest you look at some training techniques described in the ILGM Guides: “Top and Fimm”, “Supercropping”, “Low Stress Training” or LST, SOG versus SCROG etc. Ask questions. If you want to tag someone add the @ sign in front of their handle.

Good luck and some pictures in white light would be helpful.


Get more fans, some photos in natural light would be great @girlygrow


Thanks for the tips @Myfriendis410 and @Hungrybud !!

Ima try to attach pictures of day 1 and today. @Myfriendis410 , the light description says “power draw is 430w” which I’m thinking means the same as “at the plug.”


NOW.!!! lol
your 430w LED will only cover about 8 sq ft in flower, a 3’x3’ area at most.!
plants grow fine in veg with ‘little’ light, once in flower they need a lot of light,
to fill a 5x5 wall to wall with Kind 750 LED u need 3 of them.!!
if u do not have any more lights, i’d suggest picking 4 of your plants to flower,
squeeze em together in a 3x3 area of your tent and flip to 12/12 now.!
composting 3 plants will suck, but it is better to loose 3 now and have 4 okay-good plants with okay-good bud then to have 7 plants worth of fluff.!!!

avoid over-watering, over-trimming, and over-fertilizing.!
get the best lighting u can afford, start small and expend if u have to.!
Blurple LED is mediocre at best…
Migro, Quantum Boards, and Optics 1 r the best, most efficient lights right now,
CMH and HID/HPS/MH r next best and r a little cheaper to buy, but more expensive to use.!


I think you should get them into flower too. Running that many plants isn’t a big deal, but you trained them more than I would’ve. Kind led over plays their lights a little too. It’s a better light for smaller space like others are saying.

Super stoked to see someone growing Apollo 13 though! @Myfriendis410 has basics covered. As for what is good for journal, regular updates with pics! Everyone likes weed pics haha!

Ph in/out
Ppm in/out
Nutrients and ratio per gallon/liter
Last time you fed or watered and how much
Days since germ days since flip

Basically, there’s never too much information. The more you put out, the more everyone else has an idea of what you’re doing. A lot of times another member can see something you don’t or has had an experience that can save your butt. So it’s definitely in your favor to put as much as possible out there, and don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Oh, and welcome to the forum!


For your 1st ever grow of anything they look good though. Definitely some better pics would help, no reported deficiencies, they are green…lol - " you go girl "