My first journal maui wowwie

they look perfect buddy, your doing good. :sweat_smile:


I take it you really don’t care for general hydroponic nutrients. I’m thinking I would rather go with something more organic myself what would you use

Emerald harvest is what I switched to from GH EH is 100 organicGH would scorch uncertain plants and not be enough for some I dont synthetic but then again I want to then I know plent of plz use gh successfully it works but u gotta starts slow and work up there easily burned first time or 4 feeding lol

Ya i used it all last year and it worked great I’m just thinking it might be able to help mellow out the smoke if I went with an organic nutrients I have the curing down but anyway to get it even more mellow would be nice

Then u gotta wait longer on chop u must cut early and got less sedative effect weed and more energetic …push them to atleast 50% amber if u want to really mellow out

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U used emerald harvest? U no its organic…duh ur talking about gh …I used gh last year also and I can tell a huge difference in the plants from t hbk en ti now

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I think mellow is the wrong way to put it I ment harsh smoke

ok I’m getting white tips on one of my plants could it be an iron deficiency

well I thought I better post a picture of the girls there growing like weeds. I watered them day before yesterday and one grew 2” in 24 hours I’m thinking I’ll be switching them on the 22nd and getting 2 more started in the veg tent at that time

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