My first grow! How are my plants looking?

Hi Everyone thanks for taking time to read my post. I have just started my first grow and wanted to post my pic and get some feedback. Do you think my plants are coming along ok? These are of day 18 from planting seedlings. I could on get one pic uploaded😒


Looks like a good start, no signs of over watering.

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Thank you. I have only been watering when dry. I started in FFOF so I haven’t introduced nutes yet. I thought about a b52 foliar spray to introduce my plants to nutes. But a little nervous as I am learning as I go. I will be using the ph perfect micro grow and bloom for my nutes as well as voodoo juice and big buds. I didn’t want to get to complicated as this is my first time.

Ocean is a hot soil so you don’t add nutes until 4 to 5 weeks. Like I’m in frog so I just started nutes at week 5

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Looks like marijuana! Is that legal where you live? Nice and green, no caffeine!