My first grow all advice welcome

Hey everybody I’ve been making some posts on here but don’t like making so many different topics so I decided this will be a way to follow my grow and get advice along the way. I am growing 2 bakerstreet fem,3 GSC fem, 1 poison skunk and one m39 .I started a month ago with 2 bakerstreet and because of lack of knowledge I used bad soil and drowned them causing stunted growth about 5 weeks of growth was equal to about 1 week . With help from here they are finally growing daily. Im using fafard connesoiur soil with worm castings added and extra peralite. They are currently under 4 t8 bulbs and I have 1 600 watt cheapish full spectrum led that draws 160 at the wall and with advice just ordered another. I started everything other then the bakerstreet 5 days ago and the growth is amazing compared to my first 2 . I am about to change to my LEDs when my other arrives so they can recover fast from the area is about 2 by 4.6 maybe . With lots of height. I know they won’t all fit but I’ll choose my victims as they get older . I am using general hydro nutes. Micro,veg and bloom and using only distilled water until there bigger . Humidity stays at about 50 and temp at about 75 . I also have a small fan . I just topped one bakerstreet at the third node and it didn’t stop growing so hopefully not to much stress.sorry this is so long but figured I’d get it all in there . Thanks for your advice so far and in the future .



Your plants look nice and healthy keep up the good work.

Beautiful girls! Good job my friend!!

Thanks . I’m very happy so far . No burnt tips and all a beautiful lush green lol. Almost soon time for a small update.

Just a little update and the girls seem to be doing great switched over to the led light a few days ago and still no huge signs of stress . We’re I topped my plant , the new leading stems are growing strong. I really didn’t have hope for those bakerstreet plants but now I don’t wanna give up on the tough girls lol.

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Got a few little mutations in my babies . Only a couple leaves but I’d say caused by all the stress these poor girls have been theough. One wrinkled leaf and one Fleur de lis lol .

I’ll be starting my first grow in 2 weeks, so I’m glad to see another first timer starting a grow journal! Definitely bookmarking this topic to check your progress and get tips/advice too!

good to hear . i figured i may as well show of my experience to help others. if i could give you any advice it would be to DO NOT over water lol . i didnt understand this and it cost me a month of dead time from drowning my roots. now i water my seedlings with tablespoons and always let them dry up good. and also make sure to have good soil. very spongy and airy and full of perlite. i had the first 2 covered i thought but it held water to long. i couldnt afford fox farms soil, and its not local. but i did find a nice light airy soil with coco in it that changed the game. the first soil was from a pallet outside and it was super saturated with god knows what.other then that watch lots of videos and make sure you check the actual wattage for your lights if you use led . i thought 600 watt led meant 600 watts , nope . 600 watts is more like 130 watts from the wall for most cheaper led lights. let me know when you start and ill start to follow your thread . good luck.


Thanks dude! I was actually going to go hydro (DWC), and use King Pro LED 600W. I’ve read multiple good things, and I still havent gotten it yet and I’m tossed up about getting the 1000W. I have a very small set up, and am only going to start with one plant. If I lose it, oh well. Hope the lights work though.

im not brave enough for hydro yet lol. maybe if yours works out ill give it a go .


I gotchu bro! I’ll make a journal when I start and tag ya :slight_smile:

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Another little update. I’m so happy at how fast these things are growing. My older bakerstreet are finally moving along at a nice pace . I really do believe they will never reach there full potential but I won’t give up on them lol.

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Careful on some of those LEDs they are misleading in their advertising. I would suggest looking into Quantum Boards for LEDs they are proving to be an industry fav!

Plants are looking great! What size pots are they in kinda looking a bit small for those rapidly growing young ladies?

The new ones are in Solo cups . I read somewhere that you only transplant them when they hit 4 sets of true leaves . And the 2 other ones are in what I believe are 2 gallon pots . The photo makes them look small.

Not sure about that I lean more towards the leaves getting wider than the pot and height as the roots are as long as the plant is tall.


Ok awsome wasn’t sure . It’s really difficult to get transplant basics. I watch all the videos and stuff but there is no real formula. Yours is the closest to a formula I’ve seen yet so I’ll work with it lol. I have 2 lights right now . Both 600 but actually like 150 ish watts I have 1 on at the moment. Do you think I should start the second one or will that energy be wasted

Everything fits in a 2x2 square

Man me personally I don’t think you can give to much light lol.

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I hooked both up and angled them to cross beams over the 2x2 square and at the height there at I’m getting 20,000 lux according to my phone lux meter . Hope that’s enough