Mother day pruning!

Not too late am I?

Mums 8 weeks old from seed and her 10 new babies…gelatos



Mums bounced back and the babies plus 3 more from the grow tent, the three extras have were taken after a massive pruning of main tent. They are 16 days from flip, so just started flowering, but I had the vacancies and hope under the 16/8 cycle they go back to veg, not that it really matters, this being my first test clone run, though it is looking good.

So on with the picture show…


Manual :heart:…im already out…lol Got everything looking great brother. Scrolling down now to set this to watching. I dont want to miss this. :sunglasses: :peace_symbol: :heart:

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Here is my current grow day 58 from seed.

No room for brooms in my broom closet.

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I’m set to watching, my friend. I’m gonna tag along, if you don’t mind. I’ll be over here in the corner :+1:t4: :tumbler_glass: :v:t4:

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Just done my morning check/adjustments, pH around 6ish, good enough, tank levels AOK, PPM @1100, no need to add anything today.

Not that surprised, I did give them a fair amount yesterday when PPM was 880 and the levels were down a bit. They each got their first 15ml dose of PK13/14 and an additional 15ml of flores A+B.

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It’s gone a bit sideways… :crazy_face:

Just slid the light to the left some…


Week 3 since flipped, sown April 3, I was intending to sow on April 1, but thought yeah, maybe not…

Today tote1 at 900ppm, added 10ml of A+B flores with 2.5L of water, pH about 5.8, final ppm at 1300? Seemed to shoot up way more than I expected, no matter, I think it will handle it, pH close enough.

Tote 2 at 850, levels were down, added 15ml of A+B flores with 5L of water, pH about 5.2, final ppm again a bit higher than I expected 1250, added pH up.

So now for the happy snaps.


Looks good @StevOz … that ph not up at 6.0 worries (me) im 6.0 at beginning of flower and im one of those that work up 1/10 each week to about 6.4 and work back down. Do they seem to be eating those high ppms down, or are you adding food every water.

Just added another litre more water to tote 1 a total of 3.5 for that tote and bought the ppm back to 1240. Tote 2 had 5 litres of water added.

The pH dropping actually surprised me as my tap water here at 7.9 usually causes it to rise, so somehow the plants themselves caused the pH to drop, go figure?

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Here ya go and for the curious a root porn shot! Sorry about the focus, though holding the lid up with one hand and taking a picture one handed with the phone is tricky, but you get the idea.


Beautiful and clean… Those roots dont say anything about ph or ppm issues to me. They are pristine white. :sunglasses:

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Only adding nutrients when PPM drops below 900, the previous 2 days were water and pH adjustments only.

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I feed the same way… when in flower i will let drop up to 300 below my target during the week before adding anything, and if it’s only a day or 2 left before new water and nutes, i just let her eat and increase it to the next weeks target on change out day. I feel that keeps the plant hungry and receptive to new food.

No change out here, usually just add and adjust as needed, unless something goes completely pair shaped.

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Damn the cold, yes I’m on the other side of the planet and getting polar blasted, so much so my reservoir temperatures have been dropping to as low as 15C / 59F, just way too low, so I have a heater on the way.

Basically, they are still growing and looking OK, though I gather at a slower rate as I have not had to add nutrients for near on a week, just water. Even though the added tap water has a pH of 7.9, the pH is dropping .5 on almost a daily basis, so something is going on?

Just when the ppm reading drops to 900 or slightly less, I give it another day, and it goes up to 1000 plus the next day.

So I’m hoping once I get the heater, things should start to get back on track.

Still they are looking pretty enough, this is week 4 after flip.


Looking really good brother :sunglasses: :peace_symbol:

Never though I’d need a heater, though it seems I do for these gelato girls and this winter here. I knew the gelato strain is not one to like the cold, live and learn. Crazy thing is my LSD seeds just arrived, and apparently that strain is cold tolerant. Checks email for estimated heater delivery date… :mailbox_with_no_mail:

My first batch of clone attempts didn’t root, though I’m sure it was because the original cuttings were too large, no matter it was just a trial run and mums still in the broom closet.
Think I need to give her another trim…