Midwest's 2021 Blue Mystic Grow Journal

Understood :+1:

Oh balls, not good!

Yeah, I harvested it today and found a few more bananas. I broke apart a few buds and didn’t see any seed development at all. Kind of surprised at herme so late into flowering. I’m happy that I was checking trichomes every day, or I would not have caught it.

She’s harvested and drying now. I’ll probably haul 3/4 to a pound off the plant. The flowers are really dense since I poured on a lot of light. Trichs were mostly cloudy with some clear here and there, but also with some amber showing.


I’m sure it will be fine, congrats on the healthy harvest!


Congrats on the harvest man!


Could this have caused it?

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I suppose it’s possible.

Do you taper lights down the last few weeks?

I left them full on (12/12) until this morning. I’ve never heard of a plant that hermied so late. Surprising.

Very true and why I’m asking questions, just learning everyday buddy. Thanx

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It’s actually pretty common as the plant is trying anything to pollinate.


Hey, Brother.
I saw that I missed your call. You know how my service is…lol.

That Blue Mystic was an amazing strain! I would rate it right up there with that CinderellaXX that you sent me.

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Look what the cat dragged in! Hope you and the family had an awesome Thanksgiving. Give me a call any time!

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The “haul.” Probably ~12 zips in 11 jars.


Nice man!! Good haul brother!!!


And a very nice haul it is

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