Making canna oil

Hi, I’ve been experimenting with making cannabis infused olive oil. I decarbed some weed I bought online in the oven then simmered it in olive oil and it worked really well. I then did my first home grow (girl scout cookies autoflower) I took an ounce and made RSO with a rice cooker. I followed online tutorials. I boiled down the alcohol solution straight in the rice cooker not in a jar in water and I think it might have overheated just as the last of the alcohol was evaporating. I then added the olive oil and cooked a little longer. I tried 1ml (I had added 200ml olive oil to RSO) and it worked great, nice initial psychoactive effect turning into a body high. The problem is the next night 1ml did nothing so I took 2. I got a good nights sleep (I use it for insomnia) but the head high was gone. The next night I took 4ml and I got a nice head high but It didn’t even keep me asleep all night.
My question is did I overcook the oil and the THC is degrading? Would the THC have evaporated or broken down when I cooked it or can it degrade over time like I’ve described? Any help from people who make oil would be greatly appreciated, Thanks

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@TDubWilly May have made some. It sounds like you may have gotten it too hot.
@blackthumbbetty ?

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Hmmm, the first dose was fine, though?

You can definitely cook-off the cannabinoids if temps get too high, but the first dose probably would have been as weak as the others. Once taken off the heat and the solution cooled down, any degradation from that heat would have stopped. It will, of course, degrade naturally over time, but that’s usually months/years, with proper storage.

If it is degrading now, it might be from your storage method. Where are you storing it? Has it been exposed to sun? More heat?

Or, you ate different foods on the other days so the rso was treated differently by the body?

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Yea Its puzzling me that the first dose was fine. Stored in an airtight opaque bottle so don’t think its that. It may well be what was in my stomach at the time. Maybe it was empty the first time. Thanks


Or full. It’s a bit counter-intuitive, but a stomach full of fatty foods can sometimes help speed up the onset.