Lower buds growing slower

The buds near the top are growing quicker than the buds below them. Is this because the lower buds are not receiving as much light? What could be a good fix?

Side lights is the best thing for your lower buds let me find a pic

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Some over top and a few side lights



I would hate to do it, but would trimming a few leaves so that light can get through a plausible idea?

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Absolutely I trim all the time just a little at a time don’t go nuts

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I see what you mean with the side lights. I have reflective sides around the plant but no room for side lights.

How many weeks in flower are you

I wouldn’t go nuts with the trimming, that’s for sure. The plant is in it’s 10th week of it’s blooming stage. It hasn’t grown tall like other plants I’ve grown. The buds seem to be growing so close that at times it seems as though they are growing together.

Do you have any pictures you could share

I would like to harvest most of the plant at the same time, but like I stated, the lower buds are behind in maturing by about a week or two.

I’m afraid no pictures.

Are usually use that as sugar leave and popcorn buds and make edibles with it or I press it into rosin Or you can always harvest the top and let the bottom ones finish

I had to do that with my last plant. It grew taller than this one. I think I will trim the top buds off, (when they are ready), and let the lower buds mature. I will also try a little bit of trimming so as to allow more light to get to the lower buds. Thank you for the advice!!!

I just hate losing good sugar producing leaves!!!

If you can’t add side lights, you might be able to put some pieces of flat white painted cardboard on the sides as better reflectors. Tilt them back toward the walls at the top and touching the pot at the bottom, so they reflect as much light as possible at the plant. Might help and costs almost nothing.

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Appreciate the tips!! I learn more and more from the people helping in the Forum!!!

Hello @nuthouse
I’ll add this ot normal foe the top to mature first the plant will focus most of ot energy to tallest cola which is why we employ so many techniques to keep tje canopy even
Just a heads up :+1: