Looking for a good humidifier

Hey guys, I know not to trust the reviews on Amazon, but a I know that I can trust all of you guys here to steer me in the right direction.

I’m in need of a good humidifier that will work for my 2x2x4 tent with a single plant inside. Right now I’m ranging in the low to mid 30s for humidity and I know it needs to be higher. I tried placing a glass jar of water in there to see if the evaporation would help at all and so far no improvement.

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I know it’s something it not gonna wanna hear but alot of issues r gonna be caused by that light. It throws off a ton of heat compared to what it should the warmer the air in room the less moisture in air. Can try putting a pot in the tent filled with hott water and have a rag draping Over the pot with a corner in water yo wick it from the pot put a fan blowing on the rag to disperse the moisture thru the tent. If that don’t helpid say see about a new light without the purple red blue look to it. A new light will give u alot better of a product in the end also


I already know all about my light, it has more than enough power to take one plant through flower in this tent.

Trying that cloth idea, here is what I have so far, will see if it works!

$50 on Amazon. Use it for my veg tent 5×5×6 ft and the tank lasts about a day keeping my humidity in the 60s. The one im talking about has a 4L tank and can be controlled by an app which also reminds you when its low or empty


Well she’s currently holding in the low to mid 40s for humidity now and can always increase the airflow past the cloth later too. Thanks for the great idea, was a little iffy on the idea, but seems to be working great!

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It looks like you have some floor space, set a tray or two of water on the floor.

Well after adjusting the kick on temp for my big fan up a couple degrees she’s been holding steady at 80 degrees and 40/41% humidity and the big fan hasn’t needed to kick on in a few hrs.

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Thos is what I have and love them

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So guys I have a question, currently have my big 6” AC Infinity set to kick on at 81F and when the light is on it usually stays at 80F and maybe kicks the fan on two or three times in its 20hr window and the tent stays at around 75F during lights out. This does help keep the humidity up around 41 during the day and around 51 at lights out. Should I just switch the big fan to stay on 1 all the time for better airflow or just leave as is?

Does this humidifier remember it’s on/off state when power is applied? (If I have an external environmental controller…)

I’ve never tried it as I use the app to control it and usually plug it into a timer with my lights. Heres the app

AILINKE Large Room Humidifiers 1000 sq.ft. Industrial Commercial humidifier, Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier 800ml/h Output for Home, School, Office, Greenhouse, Warehouse, Indoor Planting https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08JG35ZN3/ref=cm_sw_r_awdo_navT_g_Q16W9D8J0HA5V8PRTYBB

Love this thing!!!