Lights fried my young plants

So I transferred my very young plants into there forever pots and put them under the lights that came with my grow room …within a few days they were dryer up and crisp …they look so good when I planted them

Bummer. lights to low? To intense. Any idea as to why?

I’m new to these high intense lights …back in the 80s we used florencnt light with no problem …perhaps to close I think they were 10 inches above my plant .i did turn my fan on seemed to make it worse… any ideas I welcome any help at all …I’m really getting frustrated

Put some pics of the setup up. Is it hps, led, what??

I completely fried one of my Northern lights last year. You could powder the leaves in the palm of your hand and I just left it. Within a week I was getting new growth so you might be lucky, fingers crossed

A dome over the seedling goes a long ways. Besides raising the light.

How young we talking here? Still seedling?

Yep it is. Or was… :skull:

Seedling will be toast :pleading_face::skull::skull_and_crossbones: