Let's talk DIY lights


I hope to pay $1/watt or less


Does seem interesting. Par values surpass the qb135 if those are true values. Going to check the web to see if anyone has Par tested it yet. Wonder what @dbrn32 opinion is.


It costs 25% more and has a lens, so i wouldn’t be as surprised at what par map has listed. Osram is a big name in leds too.


Can you give me your opinion on these lights please


It likely works in line with other $30 lights. They put cxb3590 in thr description, the cob in that light definitely isn’t a cxb3590. They also list that it’s passively cooled and 50+ watts. There doesn’t appear to e enough surface area to passively cool a light that big.


Ok thank you I won’t be getting them


Good morning :v::green_heart: got a question when ya get time. Appears I smoke to much, I love growing and need a second tent. I’m looking at a 36×36×72. Currently I have my QB 120’s in my 32×32×63. I want to move them into the new tent. Will this light be enough? To much drop at edges? Currently I really lack height and I really want to try a photo sometime. Plus this tent is challenging even for autos with only 63" height. I plan to put my 2 blurples( 370 actual watts) into the old tent for veg and use the bigger for flower. Your knowledge and opinion is much appreciated @dbrn32


4 boards on hlg-240? That light will be nice in a 3x3.


Sweet, thanks a bunch once again :v::green_heart: I’ll get busy


Can you post a picture of your 4-QB120? I am interested in how you framed them. I need to upgrade out of my shower and into a tent soon


@Sixpackdad I am a pack rat and had a heavy duty closet shelving system I used to build my frame. Someone… maybe @DoobieNoobie ? Posted some cheap frame building material I do believe on this thread.


Love it, thanks for posting. I like the footprint. I did a DIY for a 2x4 with the QB132s on a 1750a driver, been thinking about a square version for a 3x3 or 4x4.

One more question, what amperage did you go with on the driver? 2100a or 2800a?


2100a is what I went with. Don’t forget to tag be in your build :+1: I’d like to see it when it happens



It’s in my grow off post, Jan 27th update. This is my first full blown DIY. The first light I built was the 2-288 kit that came with all the parts. Then I bought parts on Amazon and HLG to build a simple QB304 board with a 1050a driver, and then this one. I have an upgrade to a 4x4 or 5x5 tent on my mind and would probably do a couple of these, maybe 3, if and when that happens.


All caught up , thanks for the link. I have it bookmarked now so I can follow. That’s a very thorough grow entry, very nice. I love your light build. You have me thinking of switching my lights to long instead square. A tent like that would fit much better in my space. :thinking: I do my seedling cups almost the same :grin: works great for less disturbing prescious roots :+1:dang man, that’s a lot of lights ! I’m envious :joy:…oh and I love that your wife’s the real judge :+1: good man


It was dbrn32 that found the stuff for a frame. But seems menards is the only place I could find them that cheap. Here’s a screenshot of it.


The Role of Lighting in Plant Growth with Fluence Bioengineering


Sweet! I’ll have to come back for hour plus long video, but thanks for posting!


No video just a long dry talk


My favorite! Haha