Let's talk DIY lights


Your awesome friend ty I got a few weeks before i need lights so i can hold out for bit to get 3500k seems very popular. If not like you said 3000k will be just fine, there


Ive got the 260w v2 3000k or a 260w v1 4000k for almost 100.00 less


No 3500k anyware but if 3000k dose 33x33 and 3 plants just fine ill go for v2 ive herd @PurpNGold74 talk about the i belive.


I saud 3500k because they were listed as in stock when i looked. If you can save $100 getting 3000k v2 that’s what i would do.


Its the 260w v1 4000k for clearence of 275$ the 3000k v2 260w kit is 325$. I was looking at pre instaled for 375$


I wouldn’t buy 4000k unless it was veg only space.


Naw definitely for flower, i was going to try my purps in veg with that bright red setting and then switch to 288qb for flower, and see what i get out of these ILGM seeds of LSD. The old lady freaked out cause she thought that it has LSD IN IT! LMFOF​:face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


If you are just going to use the lamp for flowering, then the 260W V1 2.7K unit with the DIY kit is still available on the HLG site for $275. The 2.7K is intended for flowering only.


Im intrested in the newer v2
And would like both veg/flower options.


If you want something for veg and flower, then you want a 3K or 3.5K spectrum. The HLG site claims they will be restocked on 288V2 quantum boards on 2/12. You can probably find them on the internet on another site if you have a sense of urgency to get one today or tomorrow, but sometime HLG has good deals and sales.


Will HLG have the boards without heatsinks on 2/12 :raised_hands:


This is it.


Says only available in 2700k and 4000k. You want 3000k or 3500k


That was clearance one sorry wrong feed


It doesn’t say. On the website, there a scrolling advertisement that says the 288V2 should be in stock on the 12th. When you say boards without heatsinks, do you mean the QB120s and 132s? There are 3Ks available for both those at the moment.

If you mean just plain 288V2s (meaning you are going to DIY the heatsink), it says both boards and kits will be available.


with 6 inch fan running lights are stone cold to touch and much better circulation of air in tent the stink has changed from a sour diesel to a light sweet fruit platter will be pulling one plant from tent and flipping to flower this weekend


2/12 4:40 pm and no QB288 restock yet :disappointed_relieved:


Check growerslights. I ordered one a few days ago, just shipped today


I want just the boards no headsinks and on HLG amazon store so I can spend my Christmas gift cards. Not that much to ask.


Not sure if this is cool to post here but it looks interesting