Let's see all outdoors

Nice job. I prune my undergrowth too.
And I super cropped twice and bent three times. So yes you can super crop outside.


@Nip looking good, brother! Chunky!

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Variety unknown. Tag says RE. I did a trade for the plants, and this tag says RE, which I have no idea what it is! She’s gonna be my first to come down, though. Oct 1 will be 8 weeks. We’ve been suffocating in smoke in the emerald triangle, and finally got some blue skies today.


Really seeing the difference between the three strains now. Been wondering how your grow getting on.
There getting there now. Flowers are taking shape. The scent must be starting to get sweet and ripe.

There are four lol. You really can’t see the Blueberry

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Well that really sucks! :Karma will get to them and it won’t be good. It is like losing part of you.

Top is first grow of this year 90 day plants )friends Strain called early girl.
Bottom pic is current two med. size gorilla glue#4 in 15 gal in week 4 of flower and a room full of white widow autos with about 2-3 weeks left.


Thanks Man, yeah I really like the way it smokes, I’m curing it slow, Just smoked some of the Haze and it’s Nice, has a citrus, earthy flavor, not Harsh :sun_with_face:

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I did think you told me 4 at one stage when i said 3. Still a forrest. Either way.
Amazing to watch the journey your on with them.
I dont envy the trimming job coming up real soon. Are you going to dry or wet trim is the question? @Gerant

Really beautiful photos @salmoncreekbigbud.
They big buds for sure are they grown on the banks of salmon creek?
Awesome creation bet your proud as punch

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Sounds really good @Nip its been great to be a part of your grow season even though i tuned in during your harvest window probably.
wish i was sharing some with you.
Awesome job.
Is the same grow site available next grow.

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I been seeing all the fire’s in California, sad no doubt people loseing homes and businesses, I can’t imagine how hard it is to breathe with all the smoke and ash in the air :disappointed_relieved: Jam Up looking weed there, Should be good and tasty :partying_face:

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Stay on this Forum, I’m glad you enjoyed my grow, it’s really good weed, I have to types of highs here, on the couch for the evening, energetic tripping for the daytime :partying_face:

Amnesia Haze, citrus and earthy and fruity taste energetic and trippy daytime high, smokes smooth not Harsh :partying_face:


Sounds fantastic nip.
I love trippy giggly highs.
Love to let myself get as silly as it wants to make me.
Some people like to be real stoned but control themselves.
Bit of a buzz in that. Did a lot of that as a teenager go to a party and act strait.
Probably never looked it from the out side looking in. ( there a song with that lyric )
Or living at home with parents come home stoned and attempted to be my usual self.

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I am going to try to wet trim but it all depends on who is helping at the time. I truly did not plan on such a “Sea of Green”. I was under the impression they would be like my first grow. Three to Four footers. Well I was wrong. All 8 grew like a “weed.” It’s getting cooler here in Saginaw Valley, Michigan. Could frost tonight. Gotta get some plastic to cover them. Gonna be a job.


It’s a super great sleep aid also, ILGM :heart:

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I feel like I’m back in the day when we used to get large quarter bags of weed, except no seeds :cowboy_hat_face:



Thank you! Salmon creek big bud is this mystical herb that I remember getting in like 2000/2001, and I haven’t seen it since. I’m guessing it originated in salmon creek, Humboldt County. I am nearby, but not on the banks of salmon creek. :grin::call_me_hand:


Thanks, brother. We got our first rain the last couple days. Air is clear, godspeed to the firefighters.