Leaves dying in flower

Hey guys I’m near harvest and I’m having issues with leaves dying and drying up inside the buds . Will this be and issue come harvest ?


You’re fine. This late in flower you’ll see leaves dying off like that or “fading”

What do your tricombs look like?


Just another sign you’re near the end. Nice lookin herb you grew!

You’d be removing those leaves regardless either after the chop or before curing whether they are brown or green or purple or whatever so don’t stress about it.


Thank you guys I was worried , @AfgVet i don’t have a scope to check out the trichcomes unfortunately. But I think they are ready

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You’re the eyes on the ground, just use your best judgement


I started my flush at week 8 and the leaves started turning yellow like that 2 or 3 days in my midweek there’s some of them were quite yellow but still look nice I will be harvesting end of the week

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I would suggest not to do a bud wash with those dead leaves! I did that once and had trouble with them trying to rot. Even with two fans running. Just my opinion.

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There’s no issue doing a bud wash with the leaves in the condition they are. Nearly all my plants have dried, dying leaves like that when I harvest and I have no issues doing a bud wash.

Not everyone does a wash, it’s all up to you.

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The only issue is culling them dried up leaves, I’ve found it easier to remove them before harvest, but that decision is to b made by the grower. Great looking nuggets, everything looks totally normal for late stage of flower. Although it looks to me like maybe some fox tailing might b starting, but I only believe half of what my lying eyes see these days. Would definitely buy a ticket for a ride on that puff, puff, train. :ok_hand::ok_hand::v: