Leaf issues - outdoor autos in flower

Hi everyone, I got some leaf issues on my two outdoor autos. They’re far into flower and I’m not actually too worried about the plants. I would like to figure out what’s wrong though, so I can do better for future runs.

His has been going on for 3 or so weeks, steadily getting worse. Plants are still growing well though, buds are getting fatter, trichromes are developing, both plants have a nice smell.

Two autoflowers from seedsman, auto amnesia and pink Kush CBD. Planted June 9th.

In 3 gallon plastic pots outdoors. In Promix potting soil (not HP), which I’ve learned has some time release nutrients. I’ve amended with Gaia green power bloom. Occasionally add in molasses, cal mag, kelp extract and microbial mass. I have decent tap water, it goes through a fridge filter and I let sit for 24 hours. I keep pH between 6-7 when I water.

The buds are healthy, I’m happy with them. The leaves have brown spots all over them, and start yellowing. From the tips I get necrosis, so there’s a mix of yellow, brown spots, and necrosis. It’s hard to tell if they’re top-down or bottom-up.

I’ve been looking and can’t find any pests on them, but I know that doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

Anyone have thoughts or seen this before? Thank you to everyone, this community rocks.

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Its a combo of issues my friend. Namely starting with the time released N. In flower the Nitrogen requirements go down ALOT especially late into flower. Ur soil is steadily releasing more then she requires. Thus burned tips. Or Nitrogen toxicity.

The brown spots on green leaves resembles a calcium deficiency. Thats either from not enough Calcium being supplemented OR the abundance of Nitrogen is locking out the Calcium’s accessibility. Too much of one thing can prevent roots from uptaking something else.

Finally I believe u have a SLIGHT PK deficiency going as well. Not sure which but they go pretty hand in hand. PK are the major nutrients used in flower (like N in veg) and a good heavy bloom boost around week 4-5 of flower is always a good idea.

Can we see a bag of the promix? And the bottles to the nutrients you have used and in what amounts?

And that colorful bud is BEAUTIFUL!!! Nicely done

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Was reading a lot about this last night because I began with beastie bloomz …I agree
I have zero issues as my ppm are usually 1k or lower going in …i decided to delete grow big all together …as they need less in flower …
On the op’s plant …
Some of the leaves are curling up and the leaves are yellowing from the outer edges in …which I believe is a symptom of both P/K deficiency


This was an informative read

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@PurpNGold74 @Lacewing thanks for your quick replies!

I’ll insert some pics of the soil and nutrients below.

I’m very surprised at the PK deficiency! The nitrogen toxicity makes sense. I think i stunted growth a bit at the beginning with over-watering, so they haven’t made full use of the soil in the 3 gallon pots.

Below is what I’ve been using
Promix potting soil - I did add about 20% perlite
Gaia green power bloom - organic dry amendment, i top dressed in some about 2 weeks ago
Kelp extract - started using 2 weeks ago
Silica - used sparingly over past 3 weeks
Cal mag - it’s Cal-Med from plantiguard, I’ve used it throughout the grow, but again sparingly.
Microbial mass - has 5 bacillus species, started using 3 weeks ago
Dynomyco - inoculated roots at transplant

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All of those look like appropriate bloom boosters….

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