Leaf issue, can anyone help

From a fellow grower;

Looks like potassium deficiency.

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Let that baby dry out about 4 days do a lil 3/1 ratio of hydrogen peroxide and maybe that will assist with your nutrient burn.

So basic question: soil? Fertilizers? Ph ? Run off ? Etc.


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Your plant looks to young to have any deficiencies so chances are it’s too much and they are being fried


I’m using normal potting soil, nothing special

Normal organic potting soil? Or something like miracle gro? Soil that has slow time release stuff will kill your plant to many nutrients that’s why I’m asking.

If your only using regular organic soil what is your soil ph and what ph do you water with?

Process of elimination with this stuff. Usually issues like this happen because we over love our plants. A plant in the wild just grows it’s not always pretty but the results of the product are no less potent.

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I thought my ph might have been the issue, it’s at 6.5 now but I was using vinegar to stabilize tap water in 5 gal bucket and I thought it might be the issue.

Now I’ve been using rain water and it’s getting worse,I thought a nitrogen def but I have no idea

I think I need to get some vegetative (now )and bloom (soon)nutrients that are formulated correctly

I was using neems oil, in the beginning which I thought the problem was leaf septoria

Before you go to much one way or the other best thing is to SLOW DOWN.

Rain water cool most plants outside use it. I haven’t myself so I honestly don’t know.

I recommend checking your waters ph runoff and make sure it’s within the 6.0-6.8 range. That means your good. I would do that before adding any nutes. You may have nutrition lock and have to flush. You could have white flys they eat the rioting system to gotta get down to the problem.

A good way I bring down my ph in water is

It also adds microbial which feed the soil. So it’s a win win!

Then you can feed.

I’ve had bugs destroy my root system and honestly i thought it was a nutrition problem and flushed before checking… first huge mistakes.

So next time you water check the ph runoff again being you went from tap to rain.

Rain ph is different depending on where you live.

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