Keeping clones in a veg. till spring? Need help

Update on the ss clone. Topping and LST got. Me 11 main branches and then i FIM’d all those ends and pulled them back down. After i got it covering the 13" wide container i started let it grow taller then 2" after i let got for 2wks i had a crazy tangled mess of branches. I went back and supercropped all biggest branches to help them bulk up to later support the kind of weight im hoping this girl has to carry. In a few days it’ll get pushed back into the corner and wont get any direct light. Just let it do its thing for a while


Shes out of controll. Shes still living in the corner not under the direct light, and is for the most part only getting ph’d water, about once a month i fees the soil with some microb tea/greatwhite/photo+/molasses.

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Well you’re about halfway there anyway

Still staying fairly small root pruning is also an option you have her in a fairly big pot to keep them small I limit root space prune roots and plants back fairly often

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The container looks bigger then it is really. It was one of those water from the bottom containers. Getting ready to cut a bunch of clones off it in the next two weeks

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