Just wanted to see what everyone thinks 5 week old ww auto


Just measured and i stand at 24" tall off the soil


She’s looking good. If you get a chance try to take pics with natural light or Camara flash. Hard to see the beauty of your lady with purple lights.

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Looks really good size to me for five weeks. Good job bro

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Its this forum i just followed instructions and read the grow bible lol.


I see some brown spotting starting… Is it anywhere else or just that one leaf? You may need to feed some cal mag.

Really nice dark green but on the verge of to much nitrogen as I’m seeing some leaf tip clawing.

Plants looking good right on track really

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Thanks it was pretty isolated then started speading to more. Looks like brown lesions on leaves. I thought maybe light burn and i had my light readjusted so hopefully that stopped that. If not calmag is next on the list. What differences are there between calmag deficiencies and light burn though?

@Nicky i just got foxfarm calmag. Jw how often i should use it also should i ease into it or just follow their instructions?

I haven’t used their cal mag but I’m sure many on here have.
I add like 200ppm of cal mag to my waterings
My water sits at 200ppm so I bump it to 400 and then water, I don’t usually have an issue in my soil so I do it every second watering but thst being said maybe add it every watering for 2 weeks and then cut back to every second watering or something.
You have to remember it’s feed and you want to know how much ppm your feeding of cal mag as well as how much ppm your water is so you can read your run off and get an idea of how much actual npk and other micro nutrients are still available

So being my first grow and my plants still being young I haven’t watered until runoff. Should i be doing that? I usually feed every morning as long as soil is mostly dry. I give them about a quarter gallon of water each feed as of now.

Water then don’t water until the pot is light and the soils completely dry. This is because it pushes the plant with a tiny little bit of stress but also makes the roots grow bigger and stronger

I would only feed if you do a run off sample with water first and to know how much to feed.

I personally don’t water till 20% run off when in soil as it drains nutrients out of your soil, I only did that once I started to feed nutrients in flower like you are because this helps prevent salt build up.