Just Topped Girl Scout Cookies

These little ladies are growing so well. Using the measurements from my autoflower blueberry seems to be doing great, have to tweak it a little since these are photoperiod and will need more Grow stage nutrients than the autoflower blueberry.

Then i have a jar of wheat berry grains for my 2nd try of mushrooms xD the spore syringe was over a year old and kept in storage unit, did my 1st homemade LC using honey. turning out great so far


The front plant is growing like a racehorse, the back has some catching up to do. Did a little too much potassium yesterday and doing a flush today.

My jars of grains fully colonized, mixed 4 quarts with brick of coir and 2 qts vermiculite. followed Damions tek on shroomery, going great. the top is getting filled out nicely, i can see the edges are all white.

made a flow hood. got a fan and HEPA filter, used the red gasket paste to make a seal (after this pic), no loose airflow. got come pan cyan spores, gonna play with agar and other experiments

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Scrogging has done great. branching out alot, plants are finally hitting the net, smelling great.

started flowering :smiley:

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getting good coverage with just 2 plants lol realizing i need to do 2 water containers next time, to make sure i have the plants spaced out more, fill up the entire net.

im glad i only stuck with 2 plants lol gonna be a fun trim as it is :rofl: