Just planted four seeds today

She is so tall. How tall is she?

Was that an auto u cloned?

The tallest i got is 73 off dirt now. The other 3 are about 65 to 68 inches. They stretched super bad lol. The one had nice buds uptop tho lol. And the clone is a femanized photo seed. Was supposed to be an auto tho but they shipped me wrong seeds

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@Covertgrower pics 480 the last 2 are that clone. Been in 24 hours light since u said that and it seems like it is budding now instead unless it will do that yo reveg. Might have me a mini tree going here. Its like literally infront of the light all day all night

Yep, there’s a stalling point, and it will look like it’s doing nothing for weeks. Monster cropping is fun, but it takes time. I’ve had regular seeds that are particularly difficult to reveg. Almost not worth the time. I also have some monster crop clones currently, and I grab a picture when I get home. They show no new growth, but they’re still green.


Day 37 just fed her this morning gave her 5 ml of calmag 15 ml of grow big and 60 ml of big bloom l Gave her a full dose of nutes in other words and she is looking great


I can’t help myself I just gotta post a pic everyday bcuz this is my first grow.


You missed a day :rofl::rofl:


I know I was I kind of busy yesterday. Here we go day 40 getting huge


Probably flip my lights in a week she is a foot tall now


What size pot is that?

I’m shooting for an 8 week veg, On mine, so I kind of have a set date to flip mine on or around the 15th of November.

I’m using the FF trio with the 3 soluables, so I’m doing week 4 feeding 2 weeks in a row and then going to week 5 for 2 weeks in a row and then continue with week 6

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It’s a 7 gallon pot

U gonna have to flush using fox farms

I’m using the trio also plus I got the sledgehammer for the flushes

Yes I just did a flush 2 days ago with the sledgehammer, then started with a fresh feeding this morning


Oh ok I just flushed this morning

I havnt even opened my bottle of flora kleen. If u just use ro water for the last 2 to 3 weeks u wont need no flush agent. Save some money flush if u need to for a problem and save the flush agent lol. I havnt noticed any taste diff from mine to a dispos and i dont flush just water it out the last 2 or 3 weeks.


Day 41 still growing


Those 4 corners are shooting up nice!!


Thanks man got her looking lady je a spider from all the LST.