Jewels' photo grow

You got her 1000 th post


It’s been a while since I’ve updated. Ayahuasca Purple is cured and being smoked.

She was chopped a couple of weeks ago. Just ignore my messy canning closet/herb drying closet. It will look neater next harvesting :grin: I’m working on it.

Bubble Monkey is in week 1 of flower. She’s growing in an earthbox of living soil. I really love her structure. I screwed up when I didn’t scrog her. She was begging for it but I didn’t find the time.

Her big fans

The sad looking Acapulco Gold clone. She didn’t do as well as mama but she was a quick veg and got a bit to dry a couple of times. Just waiting on her to amber up. She can’t hold her own buds up so I broke out the yo-yos

Also in the flower tent is the 2 Bubbas Gifts in 1 earthbox. They’re in week 2.5 of flower they’re mag and sulfer hogs. They’re requiring epsom salts in the reservoir and I’m increasing my frequency of her langbienite topdressings

In the veg tent I have 4 Acid Rain x DJ Blueberry in 1 gallon containers. They’re regs.
Right now they’re under a 100 watt luxbird from inkbird. I’m really liking this little light. It’s set at 50% for now.
Once I know how many are female I can figure out their forever homes. 1 will go into an earthbox for sure. I have another available earthbox but I’m kinda hoping my Cindy99 fast seeds arrive soon. They were due to arrive yesterday and I’m anxious to drop one.

That’s all folks. Have a superb day :v::green_heart: