January 2018 BOM contest. Happy New year!


Outstanding @EarBudz!


Well done @EarBudz


Congratulations @EarBudz


Very nice looking budddzs.


Congrats @EarBudz!


Wow, thank you everyone for the kind words and votes. I’m pretty blown away to get this much support, especially with all the beautiful buds entered this month. It really shows how sick the pics were this month with how close the voting was throughout the whole month of the contest.

Cudos to @ntmaremach @beginner2d @Myfriendis410 for some real beautiful work and for keeping the contest wicked close the entire month.

Massachusetts Green Growah


To the next month’s :rofl:
Myfriendis and u both have sick buds.
Nice deception with photo. Love it.
Act normal and try to blend in, higher as high, same bud what I have in bom I just smoke it.


Congrats. That cola was awesome happy blowing! And let us know what strain you won


Congrats @EarBudz


That’s nice ! Did you do training or cropping on that strawberry


@EarBudz congrats :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::sunglasses:


i like your new pic @Kcdaniels sun up or down?


Thanks…we have some beautiful sunsets here on our lake :sunglasses: this picture was taken early summer off our pontoon boat​:+1::ok_hand:


i just noticed it,very pretty!


So, I’m just finishing my 4th harvest. I think I’ve had some worthy entries in the past but by the time I knew about BOM I didn’t have my order #. I have my order # now and a bud I can feel won’t shame me considering the short time I’ve been at this. Can’t wait, so excited, been wanting to do this for so long, when does it start? I hope this is based all on looks cause she sure can’t sing, dance or play a piano. Anybody know a good pistol stylist…Dang, I haven’t been this nervous since the ex gave birth to our first REAL kid.


:thinking: uhh what else did she give birth too??? hahaha j/k bro :slight_smile:


WELLL…he had red hair, his name was Charles that’s right, Charles, didn’t like Chuck. Had a fascination for big knives. We really had no other choices but to stick him in a box and we left him in a toy store. He just needed a love we couldn’t provide.


Exclusive wonderful