January 2018 BOM contest. Happy New year!


Entries are open for our 1st contest of the new year. Make sure to read the rules if you are new to the contest.

Good Luck to all ye who enter, lw


For those who do not know your way around to well, here is a link to the rules :v:


It’ll be my honor to be the first entry for 2018 with my Green Crack Order# 210406 which I just finished harvesting.


Never seen those colors with that strain. Beautiful! Didnt you win those?


Thanks Laurap, yes this bud is from the free seeds I won in an earlier BOM. I started three seeds from the five and all took and the end results were about 53 oz. or so of all buds. I can’t thank ILGM or Latewood enough for having this contest.


Awesome harvest & sure the smoking is just as impressive. Im with you , im very lucky to have stumbled onto this forum. I shudder to think what i could of grown if any. Plus we’re rewarded for our effeorts. Thanks latewood again for all the work you do for us!


I’m just going to give up now lol. Frigging awesome!


Man that is just awesomeness :+1::raised_hands::christmas_tree:


Dont give up Myfriendis410
Enter till you win you have skills bro compatition is just getting tuffer each month
Looking great ntmaremach nice first entry setting the bar high for January 2018 Woohoo
:v:️John D


Nah, I’m kidding. I’ll keep entering if for no other reason than to keep everyone working lol!


#202794 gold leaf


Nice looking bud Teddy78 Contest is heating up now haha


Lowryder auto-flower # 168087


Chronic Widow Order#204866

ILGM bud of the month chat room

Order #209888.
Soil grown Northen Lights auto, this one is one of ten main colas what i achieve LST’ing my lady. Day 96,first indoor try.
25cm long ; fat like a pint beer can. Im very pleased and thanks to Robert create great/wonderful/durable genetics.

Ps! Add this full plant pic later bom chat room.


Beautiful bud, bud!


Wow, already so many georgeous buds. This is gonna be hard. Love the colors!


I have serous bud envy Ots!


Great entries already!!!. I’m glad I won last month, this months is going to be tough :sunglasses:

Good luck everyone.


ILGM California Dreams ORDER #166722. February BOM prize.