Jack Herer Fem - soil

I’ve started another grow- 5 Jack Herer Fem.
I want to cover more detail in this grow, pertaining to seeds & soil prep.

I drop seeds in Ph’d water January 26, 2018
They all absorbed the water & sank to the bottom of the cup.
I left them there until they grew tails:

Once they all sprouts I planted them in Seed Starter, this is important as I’ve tried going into Fox Farm soils and lost seeds because the soil was too hot for them. I intentionally do not fill the plastic pots all the way, so I can add additional soil as they grow, to help stabilize the young seedling until I can get a fan on them & strengthen their stem.

I use a pencil to make small holes for the seeds

Once they are in the soil, I give them a light watering with a pray bottle, using only Ph’d water to 6.5.
I keep the seeds in a dome to keep the humidity level up.

I leave the dome under 2 60 watt equivalent CFL bulbs, with light on 24 hours a day.

January 31
The seeds have all popped out of the soil

I only water with water from a spray bottle while they are in the dome. keeping Ph to 6.5

February 17
They are maturing to little seedlings. I’ve had to raise the dome top with popsicle sticks because they have grown a little too tall for the top.

February 23
Moved the tray of seedling to the tent under a Viparspectra 600 watt grow light, with only the grow button on.

February 25: Transplant day
I am transplanting them into 5 gallon fabric pots.
Using Fox Farm Happy Frog & Ocean Forest Soils.
I feel this is one of the most important parts of a grow, as good soil composition will make for a healthy and successful grow.

I layer the soil in the fabric pot, using 2:1 ratio Ocean Forest to Happy frog on the bottom layer.50/50 mix of HP & OF for the middle layer & 2:1 ratio of HP to OC for the top layer. I mix the soils together in a pot adding in Perlite for drainage & Mykos for root development.

I use more perlite on the bottom layer(4-5 hand fulls) to avoid it become compact as the grow progresses, and decrease the perlite as I go up. This isn’t a proven method but one I believe has merit.

Here is the soil getting mixed up for one of the bottom layers

I mix it up & then add the Mykos:

Once I get to the top layer, I set the seedling to be transplanted on the soil (in her plastic pot) & fill the top layer around it. This makes it easier to place the seedling into the soil without disrupting the roots

Before planting her, I add a last sprinkle of Mykos in the bottom hole for her roots.

I carefully take out the seedling from the plastic pot by holding it upside down in my hand & gently removing the pot

Here is one of them in her forever home during this grow

I give them all a light watering with Ph’d water & put them back in the tent under lights.


Nice :+1:
Set to watching :wink:

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Thanks CB!
I am being more detailed to cover some of my methods.
I welcome everyone’s tips or tricks they use, that has proven successful.


Good step by step on the transplanting. That’s exactly how I transplant also!

I love the jack herer strain too, such a clean and refreshing taste it has.

Good luck @North_East_Newbie

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very healthy plants @North_East_Newbie i’ll be tagging along!

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Really good description of transplanting. It’s exactly how I do my own. Nice babies! :slight_smile:


Awesome explanation and I set to watching!

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Thank you for the step by step! I used those same soils with my first grow. I will add that root developer to my next grow and shoot more for “forever” homes. Set to watching! Best of luck! Jeb


Nice details! Will be following along!

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Ty for that, it was nice to see :+1:

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I’ll be watching if you don’t mind. I use the Happy Frog and ocean Forest one bag to one bag myself. Good luck off to a great start

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Very healthy looking girls. I’ll be watching.

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Great record of start. I love this stuff. They’re lookin good @North_East_Newbie


I like the Jack Herer; it did well all across the board. Vigorous, low mildew, decent yield, nice flavor and a good daytime kick.


Glad to hear, as JH is my upcoming summer outdoor grow @Myfriendis410


Excellent documentary of the early stages of your grow, thanks for putting it together for us to enjoy and learn from.:writing_hand::thinking::+1::sunglasses:


They’re progressing slowly.
Haven’t been spending too much time in the tent with my power being out ( kept a generator going to the lights would work)

Fimmed them this morning


Hey there - I had no power in the Cape for 77 hours - it was so stressful! Plants were in darkness for 17 hours before I hooked up to a tiny generator. Flipped to flower now so we shall see how that goes. Got everything back very late last night. Hope all gets better from here for both of us! Jeb


I’m glad you finally got your electricity back. I was out from Friday to Monday afternoon. I have two tents going on opposite schedules so I needed to run my generator 24/7. Glad I’m not filling 5 gallon gas cans anymore.

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They are growing at a steady pace.
Getting bushier by the day