It's a nice day for Liber, but settling for White Willie

As a gift to myself for this year’s harvest, I bought myself a Liber pipe as seen here. Unfortunately it’s coming by way of slo-mo from France. I hope it’s not too big and klunky, or heavy. I have a Clabash style gourd pipe with a meerschaum bowl, but the stem had broken off, and the Liber pipe has a base to allow you to set it down on a flat surface. That, plus how can a Liber (Pater) pipe not be a good fit for me? :smirk: He’s the god of Freedom, wine, ecstacy, some even say fertility.

That said, the Liber pipe is in transit, coming from France…

I stumbled upon White Willie when shopping to find the Liber pipe. He was found at an estate sale, and listed Buy-It-Now for $26, came from Minnesota of all places. Not much love to sale it for $26, on their part, IMO…none the less I wanted it.

White Willie has only had a few bowls through him, but he only likes White Widow, so that’s what he’s getting. (actually that’s all I have to smoke, so that the only bud he can get this year :smirk:).

I need to make some type of stand for him so that the bowl sits level. Of course I use a Dunhill lighter on him…classic burn…awesome little pipe for $26…impulse buying… :roll_eyes:


Ok, I got the Liber pipe. While I like it for the look and what it stands for, White Willie is nice in his own way…I’ve only smoked 3 or 4 bowls in Liber.

For me, rolling is definitely still my favorite. I always seem to go back to my fave, nothing like a joint for me. :blush:

But today, however, is a Liber day! :shushing_face:

I am digging this flat bottom to sit it on the desk. Waiting on a wind lid.