It’s Mom’s basement now!

Is all about what the total load is. It can technically be done, but all of the loads from power strip 3 compound onto power strip 2, and power strip 2 and 3 onto power strip 1. So if you had to plug in 20 different 13 watt led bulbs this while cheesy, would be plenty acceptable from a loading standpoint. The total load would only be 2-3 amps. But if you have large grow lights, fans, dehumidifier that could all pull several hundred watts, you definitely do not want to daisy chain power strips.


Thank you, I really appreciate the way you explained it. I’ve been running it this way for over a month and meaning to redo the wiring, bought a couple of heavy duty extension cords but after reading somewhere that you shouldn’t connect power strips with extension cords I got nervous. Just not sure how I’m going to reach that one plug safely.

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Look at the current rating of the cords and power strip. If you’re using either for a grow, make sure they are heavy duty stuff. Get something like a 12/3 outdoor cord if you’re going to extension cord for grow stuff. As short as possible too. Then one heavy duty power strip per circuit.

It is always best practice to avoid using stuff like extension cords. But if you don’t try to cheap out on the stuff, you can do so safely.


Been busy in the basement!
Changed up how a lot of things were plugged in, by no means is it to “code” but I feel better about how it’s plugged in. Moved the dehumidifier, which is 700watts to a different plug, so that’s no longer on the power strip or plug with tent stuff. The power strip that runs the 5x5 has the 350r, ac infinity + 2 fans is running right to a plug with a heavy duty outdoor 8ft ext cord (removed 1 power strip from how I had it running). And now the 3x3 has 1 Hlg 100, 1 fan running into a power strip running to its own plug no extension cord. So basically I got rid one one power strip and divided the load…all this is running to the same 1 outlet but it’s not power strip into power strip into power strip anymore so it’s gotta be safer right? :grimacing: I think just moving the dehumidifier to a completely different plug was a good call, didn’t realize that bad boy was pulling 700watts.


Officially switched to flower tonight!

Unplugged the light for the night/next day so they’ll have almost 24 hours of darkness, I will reset the timer tomorrow night. After contemplating what the best 12/12 for my schedule is I’ve decided to go 8pm-8am lights on, and dark during the day, it will be hard to stay out of the tent when they’re sleeping!


This tall girl was a little too tall. She was the first seed to break ground so I felt she could handle a 90° bend. Her sister got moved out to the deck so it will be fun to see how the grows compare.


And the clones are in their own tent now. I need to pick up a few more bags of soil this weekend so I’ll be ready for transplant. I hope to do a lot of topping, twisting and training on them since I’ll have plenty of time before I harvest their moms. Just need a GSC and Wedding cake cutting and I’ll have copies of all the moms.


To to hear you have things wired up a little better. Plants seem to be doing great!


Everyone seemed to love their 24hr nap, even Sunset Sherbet who got the benderoo was very perky when I turned the lights on last night

They all got watered with my flip sauce, outdoor gals too, a few had their lower branches tied down, the blue dream who’s finally starting to look like a sativa was getting too tall so she also got the snaperoo.

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Need some UV kitty sunglasses :heart_eyes_cat: imagine trying to get those on, would look like Freddy Kruger was here

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Since I had most of them out for watering I took the opportunity to take out the shoe shelves and lower the bed risers to single (had them doubled up) this gives me an extra 2” for growth.:deciduous_tree: :raised_hands:t3: I know it’s not a lot but in the basement an inch is like a mile :joy:


It’s been raining all day, first full day of rain for the deck girls, they’re loving it

I’m loving the new 8-8 schedule, I’ve been keeping busy today since I can’t go in the tent lol, made some pizza dough balls

Decarbed 1.5oz of last years bud for 40 min @225°, then put it in the hot coconut oil bath for almost 3 hours now. Need to clean up my oatmeal butterscotch cookie mess and prepare to extract the oil. I save all the pulp after I extract the oil, freezes great, works great in salsa, I add a diced up mango, little jalepeno, jar of mild salsa, and lime juice and the cannabis flavor is faint. Messes you up :joy:Processing: A96E24A2-A094-404D-853B-F88C9E69ED6F.jpeg…


Mom tip: Always make a batch of kid friendly cookies first because if you make fresh cookies that kids can’t eat, and you don’t have cookies for them, trust me, you don’t want to go there :joy:

Messy messy operation squeezing that pulp ball. If you don’t lick the rubber gloves after you’re done squeezing that green gold I’m not sure we can be friends :joy: I’ll be jello in an hour and a half lol


Lol that’s funny about making regular cookies to keep their attention off yours :rofl::rofl::rofl: