Is this sour diesel on point or no?

Hello this is my 1st time growing sour diesel and I just wondered if there was anybody out there that could criticise them for me and then tell me if I’m doing it wrong or right and is it trimmed right.


I think it’s nice looking plant! Hard to say if it’s trimmed right, I’m not sure what it looked like before or what you’re trying to accomplish. If you mean pruning throughout grow i think it looks fine. If you are talking about performing wet trim at harvest there are still a lot of sugar leaves there.

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U will wanna trim off as much leaf as possible.without getting into.bud meat. All the darker green can come off the bud. Its harder go do dry trims but makes for a better product. Id suggest hanging the whole plant for 3 to 10 days and work it from there. Whole tree hanging will slow down the dry and cure process and make for a better tasting and smelling product tin the end

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