Is this bud rot or something else?

Buds started turning brown. Some leaves too.

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When you touch it or squeeze it is it mushy if so then it’s bud rot

@Finatik1 Looks like looper worm damage. Check under where the brown bud is and see if you see tiny blacks spots if so that’s cabbage looper poop. Unfortunately if it is worms they are destructive little buggers. I lost a whole crop to them one year. Check for the poop and if so let me know and I can help you if you start a new crop this year or for next year

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In the first picture, it looks like there are some droppings, enlarged below from the pic. Their must be something in there…

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@Finatik1 @Ron330 that’s it! Bad infestation If you can salvage any of the buds do so. The worm eaten stuff can be picked around an thrown away or if you want it can be smoked. The worm is gone so you wouldn’t be inhaling him. Now are you going to grow again this summer? Because if you are then we can fix your problem before harvest. If not then I will start you out with the best stuff.

It’s called Monterey BT

It is a biologic pest control it won’t hurt the plant, planet or you. Now this is importent if you do restart a crop. Starting when the plants are about 6" tall spray them top to bottom side to side underneath the leaves saturate it with the BT. NOW this is the most important part. It has to be done on a weekly basis, religiously, it won’t work if used sporadically. How it works is the worms eat it and it kills them but this doesn’t happen instantly, they have to ingest it a day then they are dead, they are attracted to it so they will eat it rather than your buds. I’ve never had a worm problem since I started it. Please let me know if you need anymore info or help!


I found some worms/catapillers. Going to go get some kill juice. Thanks everyone. You rock.

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Sneaky little pot heads! @Finatik1 They’ll ruin any ones day! I found a gigantic grasshopper on my plant today! Don’t get discouraged, now you have the tool and knowledge to combat them. The moth that lays the eggs is white with I think a black spot on the lower edge of the wings. They are about the size of a quarter. I get fun out of squirting them with water!