Is there any growers on here from nz

Hi im just wondering if any growers on this forum live in nz maybe helpful being on the same time line and climate.
Just a thought.


from oz bud… same difference… :grin:

Hi kettle thanks for responding.

What part of oz are you in.

Same side of the world.

Im at the top of the sth island.

Get pretty good sunshine hours here.

Usually good rainfall too.

This year been dry as a bone since mid December.

We both in metric and Celsius that helps.



so I am assuming u are planning to grow outside? im on sydney’s lat… what are u looking to know? I would be planning to grow over the summer coming… :grin:

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Welcome to the forum @Blackmoon , I’m in Queensland .


Kan72 thanks for the heads up and welcome.
The land of the purple heads qld.
What part.
How’s the weather patterns where you are. Been growing long.
Have a good day


Hi yes im an out side grower for now.
Never realized there was so much to it.
I grow in 45lt bags.
Usually just fill them with mushroom compost a week or so before adding my plants.
Think thats gunna change.
Whats your process situation.


What are you using to help your flowering stage along.
Im fully outside and organic.

Kettle ive had a bit of a nosey at some of your old post oh my goodness. What amazing harvests you have achieved.
Brilliant. You must have put a lot of time into your plants and research.
I think our lat is equivalent to half way between Melbourne and Sydney.
Ill check that out.
You would be a good person to ask about what you feed plants in the flowering stage organically for outside grow.


hey bud, thankyou…

yeah a fair bit of work, I just woke up had my double espresso and im good to go… as the lights just came on… morning… 7pm ill prob work on the room till 1am,

and i have had a lot of help here… but outside your yields can be more impressive…

but outside is a lot less work but has its own issues…pests kids mold etc… but its where my experience lies… but a long time ago… id look at @shindig153 and some others that are growing organically outside now… but one thing, full sun when they get big enough… and @AAA :smirk:

I have made a trailer full and would make this, just haven’t used it for growing weed yet: Garrigan"s soil recipe - #7 by garrigan62

a lot of the soil mixes they use on here u wont be able to get…

and I would make friends with/ get advice from… the yanks that are the majority on here… lots of great growers …. lots of great advice… even if they do use the imperial and Fahrenheit… no matter how many times i tell them how much better the other way is… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :smirk: :laughing:

and I would use slightly larger pots, but u sound like u have it under control…

start a journal…

the thing that worries me about ur location, is the likely hood of rain next march- April… sativa leaning strains with airy buds that the water can drain out of… :wink: autos are another option to get a few under way but I don’t have experience with them that much… :metal: :wink: :grin:


From Australia mate, pretty much the same I guess but you guys appear to have a much cooler climate.
Would most of your growing happen indoors?

I’m in SE QLD . I’ve grown since my late teens and I’m now nearly 50 . I’ve never got to smoke my own flowers from the outside grow site . Cause every time my outside site has been raided . I’ve had some ten feet monsters too , that where only weeks away from harvesting . GONE . The few grows I’ve done inside have done good . Have a read of @garrigan62 . Lots of great information . .

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Welcome to the forum, there’s a few from NZ lurking around here, lots of Aussies too, I’m one and I’m from Adelaide SA.

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Hay there frosty buds. I was born in adelaide. Good climate for growing for sure.
Cheers for the welcome.
Chat soon.
How long you been growing frosty buds

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Mate you have exceeded any response i would have expected and deserve good response in appreciation for the time you have taken to support me.

Thank you very much.

Yes been a very hot dry summer but now comes the autumn cooler less sun.

And rain and later comes our frosts.

Mabe cover them when its going to rain if im not at work when it starts.

When you say journal you mean on this forum?

Did your raids happen by cops?


yeah start one on here, :grinning: with your thoughts, where u can grow, your concerns, who u are etc… more detailed the better, even if it seems people aren’t watching they are, and the peoples on here experience is vast, and people watch out for each other… :wink: :grinning: more of a team effort… the way I see it…

this can be your journal, heaps of people have journals with strange titles… :grinning:

so security is always my biggest concern outside… your investing a lot of time and having your stuff ripped off, my experience…not raided… always 1 week before harvest sucks…

then the rain, strain selection plays a part plus, you could put up poly tunnels… etc… depends on where u are thinking to grow…

cops… u should be ablle to avoid… thieves are more ingenious… :grin: remember what u were like as a kid…

Well im sorry to hear of your losses.
Getting ripped off one week off ready.
I had a mate that had a small tool shed full of plants and mirrors and a perspex roof in his back yard.
Just before harvest he heard noises outside. By the time he got out there.
Lost time getting dressed they were gone out the drive with his harvest.
Worst part of the story is a few days later when he was out they came back and took his shed too.
Hope to stay in touch good to meet you on here at least.
Happy growing wish me luck with the weather next 6 week.

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Hi thanks for contacting.
I dont know many growers.
Pretty new.
I have a mate that has a small indoor grow.
Most people i know of grow outdoors.
Gets pretty sunny in my part of nz.
Not hot hot like oz temperature lower but it burns you here. Heats intense.
Summer months are short.
March april sun and temperatures drop away dew sets in .
Im top south island.
North West coast south island gets lots rain but grows good weed.
Futher north you go warmer the temperatures east coast north island got a good name for growing good weed too.

I’ve been growing since I was 16, now 44 though for the last 20 years I haven’t been growing, just got back in to it with an outdoor grow last year and an indoor grow this year.

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Oh i would be very interested in what area of adelaide but i guess your not aloud to say.
Only cause i lived there.
I had a mate that lived at mt barker.
I lived as a child in Windsor gardens then late teens lived at Christies beach.
Some good weed and hash i remember in adelaide.

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