Is my marijuana growing alright?


A question from a fellow grower:

While most of my plant look good other are looking effected by something I can’t quite figure out! Here are some pictures of the good ones then the effected look8ng yellow ones that look like I might have a insect problem… Please look and a y help would be great thanks…


What is the pH?


They do look pretty good but i think your right about the bug problem, it kinda looks like something is eating them, if u dont see anything flying around in your room, i would wipe a little Vaseline around the trunk just above the dirt , its also a good preventative after your last transplant ,most of the time if not all of the time the soil is where there coming from…that should help…peace out…


Oh, at first look I didn’t see the actual holes, it looked like yellow spots. Yeah it could very well be something is eating the leaves. Sprinkle diatomaceous earth on the soil. I would use “Tanglefoot” instead of vaseline, it works pretty much the same when when applied around the base of the stem just above the soil and is probably better for the plant than vaseline, but I would imagine the vaseline in most case shouldn’t cause any problems if applied only at that part of the stem and as long as it doesn’t get all over the place. Also you can use the tanglefoot on yellow sheets of plastic to make your own reusable "aphid/fungus gnat/fly sticky traps.


Any I have sprayed entire plant with a mixture of 30% washing up liquid and water in a spray bottle it worked killed the bugs and don’t affect plant


Hi, I have been trying to grow the Fruity Mixpack and only have sucessfully grown out 1 of each plant. However the Orange one ( Pineapple Haze) has not been growing on par with the other two. Can you please look over my plants and let me know if you have any suggestions to improve them.

When should i begin to induce 12/12 day/night to induce flowering?
Is it okay for me to use Blue/Red LED?
Currently i have them collect sunlight during the day from the window and a CFL light at night.


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What type lamp is that in the middle? I see heat stress.


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I have included picture of the CFL Bulb i currently use as well as updated pictures. Whenever i have the opportunity i try to put it out on the window sill for actual sun. Then at night i just put it under the lamp. Heat stress for which one? all of them? Here are today’s pictures. I noticed there is some spotting on my Blue Plant. What can i do to remedy all my plants issues? When should i try to flower?


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