Indoor/outdoor combined grow


I plan on using supper soil in reused 60 liter plastic tubs from my previous grow for this new grow. I have a few general Questions in regards to moving these plants outside and then back to the grow box:
I am planing on moving the plants outside in there pots in May from their grow box. Besides transitioning to sunlight any other concerns?
I plan on bringing them back inside to flower @ the end of July. My last plants indoors grew out at about 30-36 in. So should I be topping these vigorously as I have about 4 feet of actual plant grow height in the grow box?
any other thoughts?..Thanks


Be careful with pest hitch hikers when bringing back indoors.


In 60 liter tubs, outdoors, they’ll probably get much bigger, since they’re getting so much more light. You might do best just to leave them outside to flower. Otherwise, I’d say use smaller containers to help control the size. Topping will help, but I’m not sure how much. You’ll be creating a lot more bud sites if you continue to top through veg. So they’ll reach out to get that sunlight to all those bud sites and you’ll have some pretty big monsters pretty quickly in the sun.


@elheffe702 is right about outdoor plants getting huge. Here is one I brought indoor at the end of the outdoor season. It filled my 4x4 space. This one was the smallest of my outdoor plants.


She’s a beauty!


I should of mentioned these 4 plants are predominantly a Indica strain. Both the insect hitch hikers and size being a issue are both concerns I have thought about and concern me. I could use a dish soap spray to the plant prior to bringing them in but I worry about the growth size of all four plants as the grow box is 4X6. I would leave them outside but as there flowering is photo activated and our sunlight hour don’t come down to 12/12 till late Oct. frost will happen and snow could happen???..


The others have very good points about issues.4 outdoor plants like that probably won’t fit in your space. Also, you don’t need 12 hours of light for plants to start flowering. They will usually start a little after light hours start reducing. I’m not an outdoor grower, but for a lot of us August seems to be pretty much when they start flowering. You should probably check for info based on your specific area.


Also, you don’t have to wait for the days to get shorter. You can cover the plants to put them in the dark earlier, or longer in the morning.


Thnaks. It sounds like a good idea.