In Uk advice for new air circulation Fans


Well i finally have the money i needed to purchase better equiment and i am going with 1.2mx1.2mx2m and i know i ask this all the time but i have been offline for a while due to health anyway can anyone send me links for the Uk to purchase New extractor fan and anything else i will also be using a mixture of LED & CMH LUMNII 315W DUAL BULB TOTAL 630W AND I HAVE VARIOUS Cheap leds that i will mostl likely use aswell just to boost watts in flower if not al stick tothe CMH but need new extractor kits and i aint sure on the size i need help is needed @Shuggz @Countryboyjvd1971 @garrigan65 @elheffe702 @Yoda @latewood. Any links would be of great help i am in UK so the less noise is a must discreation is needed.


@Mikos good to see you around and hope all is well with your health issues
Not sure if you can get the infinity fan off amazon beingbin the UK but they are wonderful super quiet and efficient
Here’s a link so you can look it up on your end
If you can’t get this one look for a fan that uses a DC motor they will be much quiter then on that uses a AC Motor


Thanks tried to locate it but no luck it just shows fans for PCs had a look at an rvk kit but not sure what size to get i got 4inch inline fans befor but were cheap ones i aint doing tht again. Just unsure what to get my basket full on Amazon just need my fan system and al be popping new babies soon.


Hey @Mikos good to see you! Another 4" should most likely be plenty, airflow-wise. You’re just shy of 100 cubic feet in a tent that size, so even a cheap one should be enough in that aspect, cfm. However, the cheap ones probably won’t be the quietest. You might have to do a little searching to find the ones with low db levels. Most of the stuff on Amazon should ship to you. If not, I googled a little and came up with a place called “one stop grow shop” dot co dot uk that has some pretty good stuff. I’m not sure how far they are from you for the brick and mortar side of it, but they should be able to ship to you for sure, if nothing else. And there were others when I searched “uk grow equipment” but they seemed the best rated. I hope that helps! Feel better! :v:


Sunstream 6 Inch 440 CFM Inline… Iv just purchased this one for my 1.2x1.2x2 tent, I had the same model but the 4” which worked fine but I wanted to try get my humidity down a lil more. Hope this helps.


They’re not the quietest but with a fan speed controller it can be reduced


I’m not really sure what you have access to in U.K., but wanted to say hello. Good ti see you posting.


Check this site out @Mikos


Hey fam how are u I hope all is good anyway jst go to yr local hydro shop and u can get frm there that how I got al mines anyway show of yr set I also got a nxt tent 1:20x1:20x2m and my other one is the 1x1x2 the lights I had b4 wen I got my 1st set and my small clones tent all guns going fam good luck on yr grow fam blessd


Thanks my friend its good to be back may be down but never out my friends anyway just making sure i have what i need now to grow better i have managed to collect over these past 2yrs a various types of lights and knowledge and i will be using a Lumnii 630w dual ended CMH aswell as a new DIY kit from someone i had recommended i think was yourself @dbrn32 i may be wrong as you have all helped me greatly over these last 2yrs. I will also be using a mixture of soil coco perlite & vermiculite with what ive learned i believe its the best way to go and to give me better control of whats going into my babies . I was thinking of trying hydroponics etc aswell however am still not sure about that and until i move i cant do any grows incase i must move in the middle of one. But i will hopefully be able to do it before xmas Lol. Thanks alot for all your help.

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No problem, good luck with them!


Thanks my friends. Avseen this one i like and can get it in a 4inch or a 6inch

Its a sunstream 4 190cfm or 6inch 420 cfm
Not much difference in price and the 6inch i can get in a kit with a filter that seems upto the job. Thanks for all the input very helpful as always.
Let me know what you think of these ones.

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I have both the 4” and 6” with the sun stream filters and I can tell you the fans are powerful although a little noisy but the carbon filters/fan and carbon filter combo do not help much with odour control

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Thanks all of you. Can anyone tell me if my math is correct then i need a fan tht extracts atleast 86.4mc3 and at most 172.8mc3 1.2x1.2x2m so some 4inch fans cover this and some. Am still waiting and also still looking for other fans, i am trying to find ones tht ppl can use on a budget and i have already tested 2 which was both 4inch but either unlucky or both werent upto the job or i wasnt using them correctly however this time i have 1 of 2 new gagets that will help with the temp and humidity more accurately. So i am trying to find best buys tht wont break banks and everyone can do as i do and have better smoke and know what they smoking. @dbrn32 @garrigan65 @Countryboyjvd1971 @elheffe702 @Shuggz @Amjk


Idk, check what kind of static load you are putting on fans with things like duct and filters

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As always my friends you all never disappoint with help and support. I thank you all. And for all who has been wondering i haven’t started my grow this year as i have lots doing however i am hoping to get something going soon.

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