Ideal tent size for 6 plant scrog

I started one name outdoor summer grow. Less than two weeks in so far, but will be updating it regularly.

I got my 5 weeks old plants moved into the bigger tent.
Have the seedling in there too until they are ready to replant outside.

And after some more lst…


Hey @Stomper, got any new pics of your girls?

here ya go …


Thanks for posting @Stomper, those buds are huge!
What nutes have you been feeding them?
I can only hope my grow is half as good as yours…

I use the Dynagrow products. They are about $20 a bottle. Use half a tsp per gal and forget bout it. each quart will do several 4 by 4 scrog grows.

Check out the whole setup here. Bubbelicious 4x4 Scrog started Aug 1


Another week closer.
6 weeks from seed.
They’ve grown a lot this week.
Loved all the nutes from last feeding.


Looking good. Time to start thinking about a bigger pot to grow in. Best to transplant a few weeks before flipping to flower. I would put those in 5 gal pots as bushy as they are getting.


Thanks @stomper.
They are in 5 gal cloth pots now.
Do you think I should transplant to 7 or 10 gallon ones?

5 gal should be good. You can get the scrog set up any time.


Playing around in the tent tonight moving lights and plants around.
Put the net in & moved all the autos in.
Hopefully the three older girls will start filling in the scrog.


Awesome set up! :clap:

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Well I guess my thoughts about clones having the same DNA wouldn’t constitute two plants being one plant based on DNA…another good theory shot down…

Thanks man!
Everything I’ve learned is from the people on this site. Looking forward to them flowering


Finally switching to 12/12 today.
Been a long 3 months of veg & can’t wait to see this next phase develop


Some close ups of the Autos.

@Countryboyjvd1971 transplanted the bigger girls into 7 gal pots on Tuesday, They grew 2 inches overnight last night. Thanks for the suggestion, they’re loving the extra room for roots. Switching to 12/12 today…


Nice watch them grow once you switch lol


autos can stay on an 18/6 schedule for the whole grow. They will flower no matter what, of course you can go to 12/12 for preference.

Thanks @Alteredmindset, I have a smaller tent, but it’s filled with plants I’m waiting to plant outside.
This cold spring has cramped my plans. So I have to keep them ion this tent, until warmer weather comes for good.

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